The Pessimism Thread

You know, you do your best, but you still have plently of 'em - that’s right, pessimistic thoughts! Admit it! You’ve always got at least one thing worrying you, no matter how mundane and pointless. Why not unload a few of them, free of charge? C’mon, it’s fun, really. Helps you put things in perspective. Here, I’ll start:

  1. Nobody is going to reply to this thread

  2. I am going to fail miserably at school, disappoint my teachers, not get my work done.

  3. Hi Opal! (no, wait, that’s not pessimism…)

  4. I am going to have to resign myself to working through the last two years of high school single. No interested parties left. A pity.

See, it’s easy! And I feel so…

well, I feel no different. But I got it out there, eh?

Why bother replying? I’m just a threadkiller. No one will read this, not even the OP.

I’ll never find the right girl for me. I’m 32 and still single and hating it. After years of resigning myself to singledom I thought I’d dive back into the dating pool. The last girl I dated we hit it off really well and things were really happening and I could feel the magic between us. I thought for sure she was “the one” and would stay with me, but then her feelings towards me suddenly changed, even though I was just as much of a gentleman to her as anyone could ask for, never once upset her. Like all the others, she just wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship in spite of all we had going for us, and she gave me the tired old “let’s just be friends” line.

My $3,000 credit card debt? I’ll probably never get that one settled, at least not for awhile.

Will my stocks ever regain their original value? At the rate the economy continues to go to shit, probably not.

I still have my job, which is in a high-tech industry, but one day this, too, could change, thanks to the aforementioned going-to-shit economy.

I’d better stop here. This thread is going to depress me for sure.

I am never going to make any friends here. I’m going to be stuck in the isolation chamber that is the silent study wing of the library until I graduate.

And I’ll still never have a date until I’m 30.

I’m never going to get out of of France, am I?

OK. Allow me to trump all of you.

See, I just knew someone else would think of that first. It always happens like that.

Farcking hamsters

Let’s try again :

  1. I will never ever have a girlfriend (I am 31 years old by now)

  2. I will never get rid of my 20.000 Euro debt

  3. I will never get out of my parent’s house (See point 1&2)

  4. I will most probably get fired from my dead-end job within the next year.

  5. I will probably not find a new reasonably-paid job, because my current employer for 5 years, has been to cheap to allow me to follow courses to keep me up-to-date in the IT-industry

  6. I will probably get heart and/or liver-problems, since I haven’t exercised in the last 10 years, drink a lot, smoke pot all the time and am generally a laxy hangabout
    Hey, but one day it will all change. Yes, one day I will die !!
    Boy, am I depressed now. :slight_smile:
    Just kidding, whatever life throws at me I just keep laughing.
    From here on out things can only get better.

Oh come on, cheer up. What does all this matter? The world’s going to come to an end in a few years anyway.

September totally sucked, I made no money except for two paycheques at my crappy job, my art sales were nonexistant, and judging from the first two days of October, this month’s probably going to suck too. Maybe even another person or two will lie about sending the money for something! My traffic is down, and I can’t think of any way to get it back up. And I’m probably going to have this stupid on-again, off-again cold forever.

I’m going to be a Grinch for Giftmas this year.

A pessimism thread? Like that will ever go anywhere. Geez…

– Would you call yourself a pessimist?

– Well, things do seem to get worse.

(Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.)

Between my downward spiraling 401(k) and the looming debt load of my childrens’ college educations, both due to a collapsing market, I’m going to have to work until I’m 105 just to afford to die.

What do you mean ‘pessimism’, not ‘realism’?

I prefer ignorance to pessimism

Well, however things turn out, I’ll try not to be too disappointed.

  1. I’m going to ruin my GPA this year.

  2. I’m never going to find a guy…they may all be attracted to me, but don’t want anything serious. (If I feel like it, you may want to look for a thread coming soon on this one)

  3. I’m not going to go as far in life as I want to…I’m not going to succee.

  4. I’m not going to get into any good colleges.

  5. I am incapable of truly loving anyone completely, or of totally experiencing any emotion.

I feel worse now. :frowning:

None of us are going to get out of this alive . . .

An Optimist believes we live in the best of all possible worlds.
A Pessimist fears they are right.

Lets see…Yup

My job sucks.
My love life sucks.
My Family sucks.
My social life sucks.

I belong here

Let’s see. I moved across the country, which was an exciting adventure, except for the part where I couldn’t find a job for a month and a half. I sat around and temped, and came home and cried because I didn’t know anyone and was so lonely and poor I couldn’t do anything. One day, I had a really good job interview, and I felt pretty damned happy, and the VERY NEXT DAY I was in a car accident. A few days later, I learned that the job was mine. About an hour later I got another call - my car was totalled. My beloved car, which I drove 2500 miles from California to Michigan, gone. When I was finally able to get at it again, a couple of valuable items that I stupidly left in the car (I was hysterical after my accident, what can I say?) had been stolen. Including my camera, which contained film from the trip my boyfriend took me on for my birthday. So no birthday pictures. Even HAVING a boyfriend doesn’t fill me with optimism. He lives in another state and since I can’t drive anymore, we only see each other once or twice a month.

Now I’m trying to find another car - and a second job, so I can afford the inevitably insane insurance rate.

I have to take the GRE, too, and two years out of school have really done their job. I can barely add, let alone figure out the area of a polygon, and even if I do well on the verbal, I’ll be lucky to score 1000, and the entire point of moving to Michigan (to go to grad school) will be shot when my application is rejected. When I recieve this notice, in the chill of the late Michigan winter, I will be forced to admit that the entire idea was stupid and I should have just stayed in California. All I accomplished was wasting time and money.

And I need braces! I’m 24 and need braces! I’m doomed to life as a social pariah.

My boss is probably going to back down on that raise he promised.

The A’s won’t go to the World Series.

My ex will keep bugging me.