The Peyote Coyote & featherlou... a word please

I’m in a generous kind of mood today, so as per your request in this thread, I’m pitting both your asses collectively.

Hmm… this is the only thing I can come up with to pit you for:

featherlou: I bet you’re not really called “feather”, are you?

The Peyote Coyote: I’ll bet you’re not a coyote, are you?

That’s just unacceptable! Get in here and say sorry this instant, both of you!

(make the most of the attention… and don’t say I never do anything for you!)

Actually, samarm, I would have preferred that you sent me cash.

As it happens, I have a big pile of un-marked, non-sequential bills lying around in my house, doing nothing in particular. Now, if you can just set me up with J-Lo, then we can talk.

My people will be talkin’ to your people, samarm. :smiley: