The Phillies are atop the Nat'l League East standings!!!

Well, I certainly won’t be able to post that in a week, let alone in September…

Cmon, where’s your faith! 162-0!


Let’s Go Phillies!!!

And, I’m holding out for 174-0!

174 or 173?

162-0 regular season
3-0 first round
4-0 LCS
4-0 WS



That was a hell of a game. Bowa’s pretty cagey, strategy-wise, but it’s already clear that the pitching’s remains, er, problematic. On the strength of their bats, however, I think the Phightin’ Phils may surprise everyone (well, reaching .500 would surprise everyone, right?)

173, 174, who’s counting.

I’ll be ecstatic if they reach 80, actually. :slight_smile:

That’s the beauty of being a die hard Cubs fan! I don’t have to worry about these things.

The Cubs open in the basement, stay in the basement. Sammy Sosa didn’t catch anything yesterday, and went 1 for 4, I believe! We sure know how to spend our money over here in Chi-town. Long live Augie Ojeda.

But it was a great game, well worth sitting in forty degree wind.


Actually, Rocket I was in John Vucovich’s camp when the managerial job opened in Philly. Bowa’s always been one of my favorite Phils though, so I’m satisfied.

.500? I think, if they can iron out their pitching woes (and their bullpen impressed me yesterday), they may have a legitimate shot at the wild card.

Speaking of Philly sports…

With how far the Eagles are below the new spending cap, when do you think Lurie will cough up some money for free agents, Monfort?

At least you have the security knowing that your team won’t do great all year, only to choke and die the minute they hit the postseason.


Hey, looking over the past twenty baseball seasons (give or take a player strike), the Phillies average a World Series appearance about every 6-7 years.

Hey, at least we make it that far, Saint Zero! Phillies fans, I figure, have to have two favorites: their own team and a team who’ll be in the playoffs in October. Since 1993, that hasn’t been the case for Philly, IIRC.

When was the last non-strike-shortened year the Braves didn’t make it to the playoffs? 1990. They were 65-95. I’ll take one bad year out of ten, thanksverymuch:)

I’m still enjoying the afterglow of yesterday’s victory. It’s sweet, especially after seeing Game 6 of the 1980 Series on ESPN Classic last weekend.

Anyway, are there any free agents worth getting, Chief Scott? They’ve already signed two, Thrash and a lineman. They need a bigtime WR, and while it might not be Thrash who fills that position, there really aren’t any available. Right?

This is the Phillies thread, though, so let’s hope for 2-0 tonight against the Marlins. Go Bruce Go!

Ha! What is the point of playing baseball? To win the World Series, or just get to the playoffs? Guess which one the Braves do! “Oh, well, we never win the World Series [ok, once], but gee whiz, we do make it to the playoffs! Aren’t we great?”

This might be the year they’re not so great. But even if it’s not, I take comfort in the fact that their farm system is finally (according to Baseball Weekly, IIRC) depleted. :slight_smile:

Yeehaw, 2-0 baby! Bring it on…

Oops, that was last year’s slogan.

The Phillies are the top team in the National League!!!

Two down, 171 to go! :smiley:

[sub]Take that, Braves fans![/sub]

Montfort, I would remind you that the Braves were 5-6 last year after 11 games (duh).

They then proceeded to win 15 straight:D

[sub]There’s a reason I don’t heckle until I’m fairly safe in assuming my Braves are comfortably in front.[/sub]

Fuck the new ballpark, we’re going to the Series this year!!!

And pun, we Phillies fans heckle while the heckling’s good.



Though we do suck at using Vb code…

     Got your airline tickets? It ain't gonna be in Philly....

You guys won ONE World series ever. Your record is worse than the Red Sox or Cubs. Heck, the Mets and Twins won more than you, and the Mets didn’t come around until '62. And the Jays and MARLINS won at least as many…

At least half the Series will be played where it belongs. New York.

Jays won two of them … 1992, 1993.