The police woke me up and I hate living in dorms.

Long story short, the police were in my dorm last night - right outside my room, on the stairs. They were very noisy. They were there because one of the sophomores upstairs was very drunk and did something insanely stupid (a friend told him cutting himself enhanced spiritual awareness. Then he freaked because he was bleeding after slashing himself with a knife.), then decided he didn’t want to talk to the police other than to drunkenly shout about how Aristotle was a dick.

At one point I opened my door and before I could say anything (I wanted to see what was happening, and ask them to possibly quiet down a little), one of the cops yelled at me to stay in my room.

Is it too much to ask that if you’re going to pull idiotic drama queen stunts like that, you do it at a reasonable hour? It’s already annoying if you’re going to force the dorm to listen to the police talk to the medics about your idiocy; it’s really annoying if you’re going to do it at 3 AM.

I originally was going to try to make this kind of funny, but there’s really not any funny to be had. Sorry.

Annoying things are required to happen at 0300. I work nights. I know this.

Once you graduate, no one will talk to you about Aristotle any more.

Sometimes I miss college. :smiley:

Oh come ON! Man, old rich guy was bangin’ Jackie O back when she was HOT!

Hey, that rhymes! And it reminds me that Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle.

So you’re living in a dorm and you’re asking for a good night’s sleep? That doesn’t compute for me. At least they were cops.

You can go back to sleep now.

Hobbes was fond of his dramme.

The fundamental purpose of dorms is to educate youth as to how not to behave.

Well, the idea of someone drunkenly calling Aristotle a dick is not utterly unfunny. If someone calls me a dick 2300 years from now–I think I might be honored.

Cop was trying to keep you from getting stabbed.

Go forth! And bake cookies for the Campus Fuzz, by way of apology.

Only the guy didn’t actually have a knife on him. And they were honest-to-god municipal police officers, not our A1 Security rent-a-cops. (My school is way to tiny to have more than three contracted security guards on duty at any given time. Mostly they unlock doors for people who lost/forgot their key. Sometimes they glare at minors in the presence of alcohol, but they don’t actually have the authority to do so much as issue fines; they need to call someone on the staff or faculty to do so.)

On the upside, the only guy who did get injured with a knife apparently wanted to injure himself, and I used my early awakening as an excuse to get stop at Starbucks in town today, so I guess there’s a happy ending.

There’s one thing worse than living in dorms - it’s living in an apartment building with the idiots who got kicked out of the dorms.

You have my sympathies.

Two words: ear plugs

snerk My ex-boyfriend, philosophy major turned lawyer, loved that one. I swear he’d recite it anytime alcohol was in the immediate future.

I’m going to put this sort of incident on my list of “Reasons to thank Og I never lived in a dorm.” And I second the suggestion of ear plugs.

What a coincidence.

Despite being a couple decades post-college graduation, and living in a (normally) quiet apartment with my spouse, last night we were woken up at 2 am by the local cops ringing the doorbell and knocking loudly.

Not quite sure what the heck was going on, but this sort of thing happens off and on in life. If the cops have showed up let them handle the scene and stay out of their way is my advice. They generally don’t want any more people hanging around than necessary, because they never know if the drunken idiot slashing himself is just a stupid teenager discovering pain hurts or someone about to go psycho - and neither do you.

Yeah, I actually picked some up at CVS today.

I heard through the grapevine that he’s been stitched up and is out of the hospital. Hopefully he has learned his lesson (knives + flesh = blood).