The PRactice 4/14 question

Ok, so, it’s one of my less than steller choices - I can’t help myself. And, I know that it’s become such a parody of itself that it boggles the mind. however.

last night, I was watching (love the John Laroquette character), and, um, er, um, fell asleep. Woke up just in time to see the last scene 'tween John Laroquette & “Bobby” wherein “Bobby” is reminded ‘you can’t tell anyone what I did’, and “Bobby” gave his trademark crushed, but angry, but oh-my-god-what-can-I-do-I’m-such-a-tragic-figure look (patent pending).

So, what the hell happened??

Thank you.

During his summation before the jury, Larroquette dropped a huge hint that he himself had committed this murder. His only reason for bringing Bobby and Eleanor in on the case was to tease and torment them. His greatest joy in life is committing crimes, getting away with it, and gloating about how much smarter he is than everyone else.

Bobby figured out that the defendant was innocent and that Larroquette was the killer… but there was no way he could prove it.

ahhhh. that explains ‘the look’.

thanks so very much!!