The Practice - Kidnapping episode 2 weeks ago

Spoilers Below

So my wife and I were on vacation and are catching up on some of the series premieres we taped while we were gone, and we just finished watching The Practice.

There were 2 story threads–Lindsay’s case and a complicated kidnapping that Jimmy’s handling. Now, I saw last Sunday’s episode so I know that Lindsay gets her indictment thrown out. However, there was no mention of the kidnapping case, which means that it got wrapped up somehow in the 2nd episode of the season (the one we didn’t tape).

Any Dopers want to fill us in on how it ended? From the previews, Jimmy was going to defend the waitress he knows is falsely accused (but can’t divulge as such because of A-C priviledge with the real kidnapper).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The new blonde lawyer was convinced that the woman who actually did the kidnapping actually wanted to confess, deep down and that the actions she had been taking were slowly moving her to that step.

She met with the kidnap mom in her kitchen and explained why she thought that and asked the kidnap mom if she wanted the innocent woman to go to jail.

The daughter walks in and the mother starts to explain what happened.

The episode ended with Helen introducing the birth mom and the daughter in her office. They both said “hi.”

Not requested, I know… but just in case anyone is harboring even the slightest doubt that such a situation might develop in real life…

Jimmy’s representation of the waitress was absolutely improper. His agreement to represent the kidnapper, and take actions in furtherance of her on-going crime of kidnapping, was absolutely improper.

Had the waitress been convicted, she could have won a new trial based on ineffective representation of counsel; Jimmy’s situation created a per-se conflict that she would have had to personally waive.

In the real world, Jimmy would be referred to the Bar Disciplinary Committee and if he received only a six-month suspension, he’d be lucky - disbarment would not be out of the question.

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Thanks for the response–was most of the plotline outside of the courtroom, or was there actual scenes debated in the court itself? Just wondering. Thanks again!