The President is going to Roswell

Hearing the news of President Bush’s visit to Roswell, New Mexico, dropzone thinks for a moment then starts to speak. He stops, considers what he was going to say, then brightens as a better line comes to mind. Again he starts to speak, then stops. After more thought, he thinks of an even snarkier comment but doesn’t say that one, either. The wise words of another finally leave his lips, “Don’t pick the low-hanging fruit.”

He’s going to his Spiritual Home! He’s going to be picked up by the Mommaship (that’s how they say it in Texas).

If we’re lucky, he’s not comin’ back.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Bush™!

Probably just doing research for his Mars Mission proposal.

[this poster was found slumped over his mouse after his brain exploded at the thought of Fearless Leader actually doing research; bury me in Area 51]