"The Producers" Plot point

I was watching this tonight and I was wondering if someone could clarify something for me.

In the begining, Accountant Leo Bloom comes from some firm(something and Marx) to check over Bialystocks books as to his previous productions. I don’t know a lot about the play business, but exactly what intrest does said firms have in Bialystock Books? I can understand the IRS wanting to know, but since Bialystock gets his funding from little old ladies and not this firm, exactly why is the firm interested?

Just curious.

“I’m Leo Bloom, I’m an accountant, I’m from Whitehall and Marks, I was sent here to do your books and I’m terribly sorry I caught you with the old lady.”

He’s just a hired accountant. Later he says -

“Now let’s see, two thousand dollars. That isn’t much. I’m sure I can hide it somewhere. After all, the department of internal revenue isn’t interested in a show that flopped.”

And like Enron’s accountants he cooks the books.

Yes, that’s all clear. But who sent him? Who had business sending him? Did Bialystock have a previous arrangement with Whitehall and Marks to keep his books in order and prepare his tax returns for him?

Probably Whitehall and Marks are Bialystock Productions’ accountants, and are trying to square away his status – or maybe they were hired by a third party with business relations with Bialystock (a creditor/partner from way back in the Good Old Days, or their estate) as part of the liquidation of whatever business may have been left outstanding with Max.

Who could forget Lee Meriwether (a former Mrs. Mickey Spillane) intoning:

“Bialyshtock und Bloo-oom. Bialyshtock und Bloo-oom.”

She also appeared as the icy blonde who oozed into the bar in those beer commercials (Miller Lite?) of the late 70s in which her then-husband appeared.

No, no…that was Lee MereDITH in The Producers, not Lee Meriwether.

Meredith also played the “big blondie nurse” in The Sunshine Boys…and not too much else. I’m surprised there weren’t more roles available in the late '60s-early '70s for such an Uber-Chesty Blonde Bimbo.