The Republican Party is the Party of Evil

It’s going to be fun to watch a bunch of broke-ass Trump supporters pretending to boycott Delta Airlines and Citigroup - and I bet they aren’t going to give up their favorite fast food restaurant just because they serve Coke products exclusively.

And Merck…he’s actually urging his supporters to forgo their medication in order to support his lost cause?..That’s short term thinking at its finest, maybe there won’t be anyone left to vote for you in 2024 because they followed you off the crazy cliff like lemmings into the sea* and didn’t survive. Make America Great Again, Boycott Your Heart Medicine!

Anyway, I noticed something interesting on the Trump boycott list.

He’s targeting ViaComCBS , a company that’s in deep trouble already. And I bet Trump put them on the list just so he could take credit when they failed. Winning!

  • I know that’s a myth but I like the imagery.

“Mark my words, Trump doesn’t know that Diet Coke is made by Coca-Cola.”

He’s probably got several months supply stocked up, so he can “boycott” Coca-Cola while still having his favorite drink on hand.

Still, it could be fun to see Mar-a-Lago’s shopping list made public.

You’re all waaay over thinking this. He’s just going to keep buying and drinking his favorite beverage as normal. Sacrifice is for everyone else, not for him.

In all sort-of seriousness, if he had a rally in which he was visibly drinking from a can of Diet Coke, with a few visible additional cans beside his podium, imploring his audience to boycott Coke, none of them would see anything hypocritical about that.

Moscow Mitch warns Americans to stay out of US politics:

Stupidly evil? Or evilly stupid?

He wants corporations to “stay out of politics”. Easy fix for that: shitcan ‘Citizens United’.

Dare we hope.

Or get them to stop their donations to repup candidates.

While suing the Biden administration, Texas AG inadvertently admits constitutional rights violations.

Lawyers Say Texas AG Ken Paxton Admitted His State Violated the Constitution While Accusing Biden Admin of Breaking Immigration Laws (

Self-righteousness and lying, then bullshit attempts at contrition when busted.

Gee, ya’ think? I so want legal action against Paxton and the state over this. These pricks running things here disgust me.

Yep. “I’m outraged at these heinous false allegations that I had sex with chickens! Ask the chickens. They won’t say anything about it.” (Sex tape with chickens found.) “I’m sorry I made bad choices and let my chickens down. I’m not perfect, nobody is. Forgive and forget. Especially the forget part. Besides, sex with chickens is so good.”*

)* No actual or virtual chickens where harmed in the making of this post. **

)** They enjoyed it. That’s not harm. :roll_eyes:

I swear Matt Gaetz is in deep shit over his sexual exploits that have come to light, being investigated by the DOJ - started under Trump’s administration under Bill Barr. He, of course, is insulted and denies everything. Then we hear that he had a reputation for:

  1. Making a game about having sex with interns and coworkers and married women.
  2. Bragging about his sexual exploits.
  3. Sharing pictures and videos of his sexual exploits at work, without solicitation.

And then we find out he was trying to get a blanket pardon out of Trump.

And of course Trump’s response is that Gaetz denies it, so it must be false. Just like the allegations against Trump, right?

So, what are Conservatives going on about? Mr. Potatohead and Dr. Seuss and making it a crime for Doctors to perform any gender dysphoria medical therapies. “Cancel Culture is coming to get us!”

Think about that. Maybe you should stop doing racist and sexist and anti-democracy activities. The woke aren’t coming for you if you aren’t doing evil.

National Review authors Andrew McCarthy, Dan McLaughlin, and Kevin Williamson, however, moved beyond the entire framework of election security. Instead, they suggested, it is good when restrictions make it harder for people to vote, because people should be discouraged from voting unless they’re really motivated to do it.

Here is the nut of McCarthy’s argument:

It would be far better if the franchise were not exercised by ignorant, civics-illiterate people, hypnotized by the flimflam that a great nation needs to be fundamentally transformed rather than competently governed. Left to their own devices, many such people would not even take note of elections, much less go through the effort to register and vote. 

And Williamson’s:

Voters — individually and in majorities — are as apt to be wrong about things as right about them, often vote from low motives such as bigotry and spite, and very often are contentedly ignorant. 

And McLaughlin’s:

The theory of what Democrats and progressives urge is that they particularly want the votes of the subset of people (mostly younger voters) who are unwilling or unable to plan ahead, and can be swept into the voting booth on a momentary enthusiasm without deliberation or reflection. The point made by Republicans and conservatives is not that these people should be barred from voting, but that the system benefits from deliberation and reflection, and so should not bend over backward to accommodate voters who are unwilling to play by the rules of adulthood.

They are repeating, in so many words, William F. Buckley’s arguments from the 1950s about why blacks shouldn’t get the vote.

That means I have to admit being wrong. I’ve been saying that the Republicans have been the party of evil for 50 years. It’s been 70 years. Sorry for the mistake.

And, no joke, when pressed on why they’re silent on Gaetz, or don’t seem to care, the response I’ve gotten is: oh, so you hypocrites don’t care about Joe Biden Pedophile in the White House, and now you expect me to care about some alleged shit the biased lamestream media is so focused on?

This is excellent.

You will notice, dear reader, that each of these tests of civic knowledge, of fundamental news knowledge, of hoax recognition, and of public duty would tend to strip conservative voters from the polling lists at a far greater rate than anyone else. We’ve long had the studies showing that Fox News viewers have less knowledge of news events than any other group; current polling shows that the majority of Republican voters believe claims of election “fraud” that are categorically untrue. These people are dangerous as voters because they have no base understanding from which to make such decisions. You might as well give the vote to dogs.

“inner city”? Nigga, please.

while adding that his record outside of the attack is “sparkling.”

Can’t we say that about most killers?

THIS! Seriously, before these allegations, he was known as the creepy dude who shared sex pictures of women he’d been with and sponsored a game about having sex with coworkers and underlings. To Republicans, that apparently means “family values”, just like grabbing women by the pussy and paying porn stars to keep silent after cheating on your wife with them.

And they Republicans cheered for the evil.

(Just to be clear, the inner quote is from Newsweek, not Typo Negative.)

Sparkling? Is that a reference to his whiteness or were all of his previous arrests for arson?

He previously robbed a Pellegrino bottling plant.