The Republican Party is the Party of Evil

As [the morgues and ICUs in Idaho overflow with COVID patients], Republican Governor Brad Little said he would fine businesses with over 100 employees if they enacted a mask mandate.

Under what law, I’m wondering. Did the Idaho legislature pass a Stay open or else statute.

When are we going to get to the point where Republican politicians actively pass laws to ban hospitals and health care? Only procedures approved by The State will be allowed, including bleach injections, bleeding and demonic purification.

Country 1st dot com is his official PAC.

Don’t give them any ideas!

They would but since their hospitals so overrun with COVID patients that they’re having to ration healthcare anyway, there’s no need.

Sometimes I think doctors and healthcare workers should just go on strike in some of these damn red states where COVID has gone out of control. Wanna ban mask mandates? Wanna go anti-vax? Fine, we stop working.

Here in NY, some heath care workers are stopping work because of vax mandates. There is a mandate that went into effect on the 27th, and the last number I head was some 45,000 workers are refusing to get the vax and will be getting, well not fired, but put on furlough with no pay.

I’d rather not be treated by a medical professional that doesn’t believe in vaccinations anyway.

Do they also object to washing their hands after going to the bathroom and then injecting people?

Republicans are evil people.

Huh, you’d think that out of all people, healthcare workers should be the ones who are hardened against this epidemic of stupidity.

Well, I’m not going to be shedding any tears for them if they can’t make rent and end up on the streets.

Republicans are pieces of shit

Double-posting this:
This one is both stupid and evil:

He launched a $163 million grant program using federal funding he controls, but he made it available only to schools without mask mandates. He also established a $10 million program that offers vouchers to families at public schools that require masks or that tell students to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure.

In the letter, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said the conditions “undermine evidence-based efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.” He asked the state to explain how it will “remediate” the problem within 30 days.

Here’s the money quote:

C.J. Karamargin, a spokesperson for Ducey, said it’s “baffling” why anyone would oppose the grant programs.

A Republican school board campaign manager in Guilford, Connecticut, said she chose her words poorly when she said, “Helping kids of color to feel they belong has a negative effect on white, Christian, or conservative kids.”

I guess you weren’t supposed to expose your honest feelings.

Where’d you see the 45,000 number? Last I heard, New York State’s largest healthcare employer, Northwell Health, had fired about 1400, or less than 2%, of its 76,000+ employees for vaxx refusal.

If there are about 1.2 million healthcare workers in New York State, and as many as 2% of them are refusing to get vaxxed, that’s only 24,000 workers, not 45,000.

Maybe that number is from an earlier prediction that underestimated the number of healthcare workers that when push comes to shove would in fact rather get vaxxed than fired.

In at least a moral victory, a judge in Texas has blocked the abortion ban from taking effect, saying that it’s “contrived” and blatantly unconstitutional.

Unfortunately, it turns out the judge is a Gay Democrat nominated by Obama, so this will likely be overturned on appeal to a Proper, Texas Republican judge.

I did say a moral victory, if nothing else.

What possible interest could a gay judge have in women having babies? He must have been bought – look for a check with Planned Parenthood’s fingerprints on it.

Here’s a name to remember: