The Republican Party is the Party of Evil

Let the babies eat the babies, problem solved.

No, there are already enough Republicans, let’s not make more.

Come, come, now…
The correct and conservative solution is to hook all these babies mothers to breast pumps and distribute the milk to more deserving, and melanin challenged, babies.

It works because they’re babies, so they don’t eat that much.

The sad thing is that this is going to work for the MAGAbots. “Can you believe that Biden lets ILLEGAL babies have formula while AMERICAN babies are suffering because of the shortage?” Sure, it’s a terrible message and sure it’s racist as fuck and sure it’s wrong to starve some babies to make a minuscule effect on the shortage, but it makes the racist base mad as hell and it motivates them to vote.

What doesn’t?

Yeah good point. The base is always mad about something. The GOP is party of perpetual victimhood.

Yup. 234 freakouts and counting since 2000 alone!

That can’t be healthy.

Well, that last one is true, but it’s Christian Sharia that is coming and the right are the ones bringing it.

Today’s nominee for worst GQP abortion fanatic goes to Nebraska’s governor:

Stop repeating yourself!

I will give these types credit for consistency.

I mean, if you believe an embryo is a person, then it doesn’t matter if said embryo comes from consensual sex, rape or incest, it’s still a person all the same. It didn’t ask to be conceived through rape.

In reality, of course, it has nothing to do with embryos-as-persons and everything to do with controlling women.

I can imagine the next step for the American Taliban will be to make rape a misdemeanor.

In the 1970s, National Lampoon ran a parody of the bar journal of Mississippi which contained a pair of articles:

“Verbal Rape: a New Concept to Protect Our Women Folk”

“No-Fault Rape: a New Concept to Protect Our Men Folk”

One can only hope he has daughters or granddaughters. And a wife who’d cut his nuts off when he tells them, “Suck it up, honey.”

Shit, his wife probably agrees with him.

There’s no shortage of women wiling to submit in the name of their church to their husbands.

No, they’re not submitting anything. They just have these weird ideas about “good girls”. They themselves are included by default off course. Others not so much.

The articles about “pro life” activists getting abortions (a very common occurrence) are fascinating. A patient calling her doctor a murderer after the procedure. The mind boggles at the fucking entitlement.

Those ladies just lack any morals or empathy, other than that they’re total cunts.

I still say that the one defining difference, maybe the only difference, between liberal and conservatives is empathy. Conservatives are completely lacking in it. I actually think you can’t be a conservative if you have it, because the policies would bug you too much.

But now I may have to add “and a complete inability to recognize hypocrisy.”

I agree with this opinion.

A long-time friend who I knew to be a Democrat stunned me when he told me he had become a Republican because Obama was a “liar.” This was pre-Trump. I’ve never asked him his opinion on the biggest liar in American history.

But get this. Speaking of empathy and the lack thereof, he said that although he was a conservative, he still thought “the government should help people.” (?) I said “Well then, you can’t be a Republican or a conservative, because those people don’t believe the government has any obligation to help anyone, and if given the opportunity, would take away any help those in need are already receiving.”

That pretty much ended the conversation. We’ve never discussed politics since.