The road to thinness is lonely and stinky.....

I started dieting this week.
Lots of fruit,
lots of veggies,
lots of fiber,
lots of GAS!

My kid gives me dirty looks.
My husband threatened to kick me out of the car.
My cat is hiding.
My dog is sad, his instinct to stay by my side and protect me from harm is being overpowered by something much stronger. Or maybe he’s afraid he’ll get blamed. :smiley:

Don’t worry, hon…

This, too, shall pass.

:d&r: :smiley:

Yes - much stronger :wink:

Reminds me of that Saturday Night Live faux-commercial for Ass Don’t Smell (or some such).

Good luck, HQ, and please do give fair warning if you’re going to be in the vicinity

Gas-X and/or Beano are your friends!

Don’t worry. You’ll be able to tell.