The Rolling Stones to retire (rumor)

This isn’t the first time rumours of their retirement have surfaced so I wont totally believe this until one of the band members confirm it. Still, after 50 years they really have nothing left to prove. I’m kinda thinking this might be it.

Only a few decades too late.

I remember The Who’s “final” concert about 30 years ago. I’ve lost count of how many they’ve had since then.

Keith Richards would be at the root of any truth to such rumors. Apparently his fall from a tree a few years ago in the South Pacific has slowed him up. I believe some of the issues related to his performance in Scorsese’s Shine a Light - which sounded a bit off and spare even for Keith at his Keefiest - have been attributed to residual issues from the fall, and I believe the 50th reunion discussed for this year, was pushed back to next year for the same reason.

I hope he is okay.

Uh, Ronnie Wood is 65. Also, his name is Ronnie Wood, not Woods.

Yeah, three and a half.

I think the millions who still pay to go see them in concert would disagree. From snippets I have seen on TV, they still do a hell of a show, regardless of their age.

Even most young performers admit touring can take a physical toll on the body, so i can imagine another full world tour is not something any of them really look forward to - but then again, if you have been performing on stage in concerts for 4 decades, it would be hard to quit. Plus there is that money…although I doubt any of them will starve if they don’t go on tour again.

Five decades in fact!

I was surprised at how well Mick Jagger performed on SNL a few weeks back.

I was at the first Glastonbury concert, I’d love to go to this one.

The Stones’ll never retire. All they need are some steel wheelchairs.

Back in 1981 Keith Richard was ask if this was going to be the last Rolling Stone tour. He replied the Stones were asked that back in 1966, next question please. I’ll believe the Stones are done touring when they are all dead and in their graves.

23 years after passing 45, he’s still singing it.