The sad tale of a stupid man with a deformed 100-pound scrotum

Man with 100-pound scrotum REJECTS offers to perform $1 million corrective surgery

Why would he have to give up the rights to his story if he got it corrected? Is it something that inherently has to do with the fact that he’d no longer be in that condition and therefore everyone is free to make movies and stuff about his story? Or is it probably because of a contractual agreement he signed into that said he’d waive the rights to his own story if he got it corrected?

How could the surgery possibly cost $1 million? That’s like $10,000 per lb.

In exchange for the free surgery, The Dr. Oz (AKA My God Woman You Are Really A Fatso) Show will assume the rights to his story.

Another surgeon (who claims to have never lost a testicle) has offered to fly to him to do the surgery for free but Mr. Warren has so far not responded. He says, quite frankly, this is the best attention he’s ever gotten.

Did you see the pics? The scrotum wears a hoodie.

No way I’m looking at any pics.

Would knowing there’s NSFW videos of his disability manifesting itself make the pics more tolerable?

I read that story last night unfortunately. He says he developed his condition after hitting his scrotum with his leg. You’d think one would go in for treatment at the first sign of swelling.

That’s American Health Care for you. Even an “Urgent Care” type clinic, which is typically cheaper than an ER, would cost hundreds of dollars for someone without insurance. He probably figured that, like most swelling, it will go down. Then it didn’t, so he waited a little while longer…and waited some more…and all this time, he was probably saying in his head “well, now it would cost even MORE money that I don’t have.”

So, dude could go balls to the wall. . . and knock the wall down?

His lower back must be killing him by now, among the other heinous issues he deals w/ like peeing himself all day and challenging bathtimes.

That’s nuts.

He doesn’t need surgery. He just needs to send little Scrotty down to the corner store to buy some skittles and ice tea. Problem solved.

It seems like this would make him succeptible to hernias in a big way. I mean, that’s a hundred pounds pulling right on the spot where guys get them. And how did the scrotum not just rip off under it’s own weight?

My roomie was retaining water from his heart arrythmia and when his body got saturated, it all came out of solution and drained to his feet and nutsack. His scrotum was the size of a grapefruit and he went straight to the ER!

I can’t imagine why the OP guy thought he could just ignore this.

To be fair, I’ve never lost a testicle, either, and I’m not even a doctor.

Golf clap

The guy needs to buy a wheelbarrow.

If that guy’s dad was a coal miner he might be able to parlay this thing into a major singing career and a lucrative tourist attraction.

I’ve never lost a testicle either but I managed to accidentally scratch a few in my day. If I ever sell em on craig’s list I gonna have to discount em because of it.

This reminds me of a Rodney Dangerfield joke: A guy told me he weighed 200 pounds, and that his testicles weighed 100 pounds. He said “people say that I’m crazy.”

“Crazy,” I said? “You’re half nuts!”

I read the whole thing as Man with giant scrotum turns down opportunity to have it fixed because he doesn’t want to affect his fame on a radio program.

What’s better than a giant scrotum on the radio?

How do you think he rides a bike?