The "Say Something Nice About Bush" Thread

I have taken to heart criticism leveld by the Usual Suspects, to the effect that my political prejudices have overwhelmed common sense, to wit, I am incapable of believing anything good about The Man Who Fell Up. I am determined to make amends, in a manner both public and sincere. Well, as sincere as my deeply ironic nature will permit. I invite others of my ilk, card-carrying members of the plot to undermine all that is good and noble, in this cleansing display of penance.

  1. To date, GeeDubya has never been seen wearing brown shoes with a blue suit. (Though this might be more to the credit of Laura Bush, who seems a nice enough sort who only made one really big mistake.)

  2. He does not wear a bow tie.

  3. He does not wear a string tie.

  4. When he struts his Commander in Chief bombardier jacket, he has the good taste to not append any reminders of his service in the Texas Air National Guard, when he valiantly protected the skies above Amarillo from Viet Cong aircraft. A campaign ribbon under these circumstances would be in very poor taste unless it were cut in half in proportion to his service.

  5. When he lies, he lies with utter conviction. He doesn’t thump the table, Clinton-style, but delivers his balderdash without adornment or stage business. This allows us to concentrate our attention on the mendacity delivered.

  6. When stepping from the helicopter, he delivers a snappy, masculine salute to the guard, rather than the effete gesture Bill was wont to do.

But enough from me. I’ve started the ball roiling, lets heap praise upon the man!

He has nice hair.

He has not once, during a nationally-televised address, started slapping his leg with a cowboy hat while yelling “YEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!”


He gave up drinking.

He isn’t getting hummers from Monica Lewinksi. That of course is how history defines presidents; whether or not they get a knob shine from a intern.

He didn’t totally screw up in Afghanistan, despite forgetting to request any funds to help them rebuild.
And he has never tortured a puppy just for fun, as far as we know.

He smirks even when talking about war and weapons of mass destruction. Never one to lose a sense of humor.

Okay…here it goes:

In My Opinion

  • He’s not slippery like a used car salesman.

  • He’s surrounded himself with the best staff possible.

  • Although he’s not the best public speaker, he does not rape or twist the meaning of words like “is”.

  • And because he’s not a good public speaker, he seems more “real” to me. I can relate.

  • You know there will never be any hanky-panky going on in the oval office under his term.

  • He doesn’t run his life based on public opinion polls.

  • Our military seems to have a great respect for the man.

I know I’ll probably have my opinions refuted, but hey, this is a thread about saying NICE things about our president.

As much as I didn’t like Clinton being our president, I can still seriously say nice things about him without being sarcastic about it. But that’s another thread…


Actually - I do have one good thing to say: manned exploration of Mars.

“He doesn’t run his life based on public opinion polls”

–Well, that’s sure as hell putting it mildly!

He ocassionally shows good taste in the snack-food department, by eating pretzels, rather than pork-rinds.

I despise Shrub as much as anybody does.

It seemed to me, however, before 9/11 that Bush was going to make a push for some kind of amnesty or normalization in the status Mexican immigrants to this country.

How serious he was about it, I don’t know. And whether Republicans in Congress would let him do it or not is also unkown.

Upon preview, it looks like I have been whooshed.

OK, his daughters are marginally cuter than Chelsea Clinton.

Chelsea now looks more like Nicole Kidman than the twin lushes do. Take that, Rush.

There is also no sign of Bush doing anything to return Fox’s support, just vague threats of “discipline” if Mexico doesn’t do as they’re told with their Security Council vote.

He’s not Gore.


Uh, well, he…oh, not really…

Well then, what about…no, I guess not.
Hey wait, I know! He doesn’t pick his nose in public!

His nickname is conducive for even more nicknaming. Dubba. Dumbya. Duh-bya.

“marginally”? Pur-lease! :slight_smile:

He provided amusement to Europeans until he was elected, then it sort of… turned… bad.

His head, while appearing quite baffoonish, is far less freaky-looking than John Kerry’s.

He has very nice posture.