The Scarlet T

30,000 mile above view, is a silver lining of this entire presidency the fact people are publicly agreeing with the most batshit ideas a leader of this nation has ever put forth?

THIS is what the country currently thinks about him and that doesn’t historically improve.

2 years, 10 years, on Facebook, Twitter, whether it’s a job interview or an election, a society that has stepped past the hyperbole and fear will see people’s bigotry in the past and hold those accountable in the present. They thought all this before, it just wasn’t popular to speak their minds with a black president. They feel emboldened now, and that’s fine, but that won’t last and their public posting history during this presidency is going to be so much more awkward when it doesn’t shake out like they think it will.

Society will be far dystopian than you think it will if people’s Twitter is that serious with regards to stuff posted a decade ago.

So you have a glass that is 53% Dom Pérignon 1996, and 42.4% shit. Do you really want to take a drink?
The thing that most jumps out at me when I compare Trump’s approval with other presidents, isn’t how much lower it is on average, its how constant it is. This is very distressing to me. It indicates that no matter what happens in the world, no one’s opinions will change. There will always be some 40% of Americans who will support him because he is not a Democrat.