1 Trump voters thoughts

I have enjoyed reading this board for probably about a year now. Never agreed with the political views but that’s ok, I mostly avoided it, and if I wanted to read it there was nothing that offended me.

A lot of things that I read post election were pretty disturbing to me. Thinking it was a bunch of uneducated, poor, white males that voted DT in.

On top of being wrong, it is very offensive. It it exactly the type of hate you so vehemently accuse Trump voters of.

Console yourself.

It was only THOSE folks that put his numbers over the top :slight_smile:

Knowing his lifelong history of screwing over just about everyone he deals with once he gets what he wants, why did you believe what he told you?

I’m sorry you feel that way. I would say that most who voted for Trump were simply marks, who were conned by a master con-man. Not stupid, but gullible; hoping that he would help them out.

Trump will help out Trump. The only thing I KNOW will be true 4 years from now is that Trump and his family will be much, MUCH wealthier. Everything else is up in the air. I hope you’re better off too, but it’s unlikely.

Let me add, I voted for DT. Doesn’t mean I had to like it. I did what I felt was best for me and my family.

And I narrowly decided that I think he is probably in my best interests. But we knew exactly what we would get under HC. Trump was a calculated gamble. (insert math joke)

Why was voting for Donald a “calculated gamble” for you? What do you get out of it?

Don’t expect Trump to remain President for long. As soon as he fixes trade deals and tax issues in his favor, he’ll have fulfilled his mission. Your best interest is not his concern, and never was.

So you basically helped elect President Pence. :eek:

My post was not about defending Trump in any way. I said I barely sided with him. He seems pretty despicable. But so does Hillary. Anyway that’s not why I’m here.

I’m trying to get somebody to look at the other side of the coin and realize just because we were divided quite far apart on the election doesn’t mean we are so different. I lean right on a lot of issues but it doesn’t keep me from enjoying and agreeing with a lot of the posts I read here.

Why do you feel the need to defend your vote if you are confident it was the smartest choice?

Why do you feel the need to assure a bunch of strangers you aren’t really dumb?

When I see this kind of thing, my first impulse is to think insecurity and doubt. You know you will likely face vehement disagreement here, and that’s exactly what you want. Not validation, but a fight. Facing disagreement will force you to dig in your heels as you defend your side post after post, and in the process, your highly threatened sense of resolve that you indeed chose wisely and that you indeed are not a con man’s morally bankrupt all-day sucker will become a bit stronger. But only temporarily. Such is the nature of doubt and insecurity. After this thread dies it’s quick death, you will have only the voices in your head to argue with. You’re afraid you will lose that argument, aren’t you?

That is the only reason I can think you’d start this thread.

I didn’t know Dr Phil was a poster here.

But what if the knowledge of what you’d get under HC is based on misinformation and downright lies? That is to say, if the data you’re using to weigh your decision is suspect?

:rolleyes: No, it’s not. It’s not remotely the same type of hate.

I’m very unhappy with (many) Trump voters for hating people because of their national origin, because of their religion, because of their skin color. I’m very unhappy with (many) Trump voters because of their “Lock Her Up!” chants and their support of misogyny and their dismissal of sexual-assault braggadocio as “crude language”.

Hating people for holding virulently bigoted views is not in the same ballpark as hating people because of their sex, race, religion, or national origin. This is a tired old canard periodically resurrected by (some) conservatives who don’t have any better way to defend the bigotry of their bedfellows.

Okay, I’ll bite. How are we not so different? Just saying this is about uncompelling as a Trump promise to me. What is the math behind this idea?

You didn’t grab a hold of what I really said at all. And for whatever reason went on an angry rant.

You try to have a nice evening. I’ll see myself out of here.

Okay buddy.

A big portion of those who are terrified of Trump and incredibly critical of his voters see him as a charismatic, bombastic David Duke – literally someone who thinks that black people, hispanic people, Muslims, etc., are inferior, as well as being a misogynist and likely a serial sexual assaulter.

Whether this is a legitimate belief or not, these people see Trump voters as supporters of someone who thinks of them as inferior and will actively harm them. It’s not surprising, then, that they use incredibly negative language to describe his supporters.

I don’t think most of the voters that voted for Trump where from the KKK or stormfront.

But some may look at this has white fight. If it was fascism would be closer than you think in coming years.

The US history the US has never been far left like most other first world countries that would be communism under US view point .

Please don’t go yet, notheretoargue. I wonder if you’d care to follow up on something you said earlier. If it’s true, I will learn something I didn’t think was true, but if I’m right, you’ll help mutual understanding here even more. OK?

You said:

Emphasis added to highlight the portion I want to ask about. Because my bet is that what you believe about what you’d get under HRC doesn’t match what she actually said she wanted to do. Can you summarize for me a few major planks of Clinton’s economic platform, based on what you knew exactly you’d get? -Or if it’s not the economic platforms you were contrasting, what was the set of Clinton policies that most put you off, in your own words?

I came here, telling myself I will not argue anything political. That is not why I am here, and that is not a battle I would fight. I just hope a few people can read what I say and realize that things are not as different between us as is often portrayed.

I don’t want to argue with you notheretoargue; I take your name at face value, I promise I won’t try and engage you in debate.

But I am genuinely curious. It’s been my premise in other recent threads that the Democrats lose a lot of voters because those voters are absolutely not exposed to our real policy proposals and our real political beliefs. I’d like to put my claims to the test here. If you’re actually well versed in Democratic (or Hillary Clinton) policy preferences, then my assumptions are wrong, and I can join those proposing differently.

What do you say, can you prove me wrong or right?