The Science Channel says I should "Question Everything"

However, why should I do this?

Why shouldn’t you do this?

:rolleyes:Why did I open this thread?

I thought I was being brilliant and forward thinking when I taught my children to question authority and to never just take someone’s word for things. Then they started questioning me. Damn kids.

So the answer is you should question everything to annoy those who are telling you to question everything. Bonus points if you can suppress the giggles when they get annoyed.

Why should I suppress the giggles when they get annoyed?

You can find out if a duck really blinks.

That’s the only thing left after Mythbusters busted the duck quack thing.

  • revision 12 Jul 2012: Henceforth the consumer should be aware that the term “everything” does not apply to the following: your parents, your boss, the official line on 9/11, gravity, the lone gunman and magic bullet theorums, your husband’s excuse for why he didn’t come home last night, the Moon landing, that god wouldn’t have given you these troubles if he wasn’t sure you could handle them, why you used to be able to get this kind of programming stuff on broadcast TV for free, that the odds are always in the house’s favor, the need for a tax cut on the wealthiest one percent. This list is not all-inclusive and is subject to change at the whims of the party in power.

Why should I tell you?

Hmmm. Shouldn’t that motto itself be in the form of a question then (“Question Everything?”)

I see what you did there.


Is this Whose Line Is It Anyway?

By not questioning the question everything motto, you question everything that needs to be questioned.

Definitely question whether it is worth watching The Science Channel.