The scores according to the public on last night's debate. I.E.- Gore is in trouble..

The media tells us that Gore is winning, yet in a public poll that has currently collected over 70,000 votes, Gore has not come out on top on one single issue. I wonder how Gore’s spin doctors are going to skew this poll? This is CNN, not just a little joke Poll. I think that Gore nailed his coffin shut at the debate…if this trend continues through the next 2 debates…he will lose.
1. Experience to be president:
Gore: 44% (39389 votes)
Bush: 56% (49530 votes)

2. Leadership Qualities and Prescription Drugs to Seniors:
Gore: 38% (33193 votes)
Bush: 62% (53047 votes)

3. Controlling Future Oil Prices:
Gore: 36% (28980 votes)
Bush: 64% (52041 votes)

4. Abortion Pill:
Gore: 41% (32653 votes)
Bush: 59% (47317 votes)

5. Supreme Court Appointment:
Gore: 37% (28684 votes)
Bush: 63% (49271 votes)

6. Yugoslavia and election issues:
Gore: 40% (28827 votes)
Bush: 60% (43286 votes)

7. State of US Military:
Gore: 31% (22567 votes)
Bush: 69% (49920 votes)

8. Gore vs. Bush on Social Security, Medicare, and Taxes:
Gore: 33% (23931 votes)
Bush: 67% (47588 votes)

9. Education:
Gore: 30% (20012 votes)
Bush: 70% (46174 votes)

10. Ability to handle a Crisis Situation:
Gore: 32% (21285 votes)
Bush: 68% (44450 votes)

11. Attitude of government intervention in a crisis. Example given: failure of a major financial institution.:
Gore: 29% (17574 votes)
Bush: 71% (43534 votes)

12. Future of Social Security:
Gore: 30% (18749 votes)
Bush: 70% (44012 votes)

13. Issues of Character:
Gore: 27% (16624 votes)
Bush: 73% (44015 votes)

14. Closing Statements:
Gore: 30% (17759 votes)
Bush: 70% (41686 votes)

15. Cares About People Like Me:
Gore: 37% (29963 votes)
Bush: 63% (51740 votes)

16. Command of Issues:
Gore: 42% (34712 votes)
Bush: 58% (46990 votes)

17. Persuasiveness:
Gore: 38% (31029 votes)
Bush: 62% (50406 votes)

18. Presidential Image:
Gore: 37% (30230 votes)
Bush: 63% (51350 votes)

19. Stayed on Topic:
Gore: 35% (28175 votes)
Bush: 65% (52917 votes)

20. Overall Performance:
Gore: 37% (30313 votes)
Bush: 63% (52071 votes)
Scores according to currently ongoing public poll at CNN

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It means nothing.

Polls like that aren’t statistically significant, or even necessarily accurate. They’re self-selected, meaning people choose whether to participate. That means results can easily be skewed by a whole bunch of people who are committed enough to log on and cast their vote.

So what you’re saying is that its kind of like those people who are motivated enough to go stand in line and toss a few votes into the ballot box…


I guess that doesnt mean anything either huh?


Like Kunilou, I was a bit sceptical about the figures cited by SkySlash. This is a perfect example of the need to know what your source is AND how was the data gathered. Yes, CNN has a good reputation, however this results were from an internet survey in which folks “self-selected” their participation. This means that those who voiced their opinions were not selected randomly but rather only because they wanted to participate. Secondly, how do we know whether or not someone “voted” twice or that there was not an organized effort to respond in favor of Bush.

The points which raised doubt about the validity of this survey are:

> no control over who participates and how many times
> no “randomness” ie lack of bias in the sample group that participated which would reflect the large group as a whole
> lack of similarity with other polling results
> cannot replicate and get the same results [a basic tenet of the scientific method].

A similar survey was done here by the local paper during the primary election and Alan Keyes won by a landslide.

Well, in that case it is valid; Alan Keyes was by far the best debator in the Republican primaries the last two times up.

Which just goes to show, Cappy… opinion polls don’t glean nearly as much information as the pollsters would like us to believe.