The Scotticher Appreciation Thread

I just felt it was time to recognize a woman who is very sweet and kind. Surely she has touched more people than just li’l ol’ me around here.

She always calls me “Dave, darling,” and tells me I’m a sweet man.

She flirts in a coy way that is exciting and fun without being salacious or slutty. Coquettish, I guess is a good term for it. Makes me feel all mushy inside.

The tone of her posts and emails are so kind that I just know, although I haven’t met her (yet, I’d love to meet her some day), that she is a gentle and kind person.

Scotti, you’re a love. And the Ol’ Dave-Guy appreciates you, my dear.

Okay, who else wants to chime in and say how wonderful they think Scotticher is?

She’s wonderful. She’s kind and loving, and she has a little mischevous twinkly sparkle about her, too.

She inspires me, and I love her lots and lots, as do hundreds of other people who have interacted with her. She’s one of the internet’s nicest, best people.

I knew if I waited a little while someone would start this thread. I was just commenting to Mtgman the other day that I was thinking of starting my first thread, one to say Thanks! to Scotti for the cyber baby shower.

[/side note] For those of you that don’t know me, Mtgman and I are pregnant with our fourth child.
[end side note]

I met Scotticher a few months ago at the DFW Dopefest for her and Grace’s Birthday Party. She is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. :slight_smile: Then when she started the baby shower thread, I e-mailed her and she said she remembered me and already had me on the list. Wow! We did sit next to each other, and we did talk during dinner some, but to be remembered after one night! Wow!

Anyway, after this long ramble I just want to say, “Thank you! Scotticher” You really are one heck of a gal! :cool: :slight_smile:


  • Mtgman’s wife

Scotti has got to be the absolute sweetest, most caring and thoughtful person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting anywhere.

Hi Scotti! Still trying to get up there. When I do we should have a BellingDopeFest. :slight_smile:

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Cheri is like Mother Theresa except beautiful and fun. She is sweet without being cloying. If one of you single Dopers doesn’t snap her up soon I’ll have to consider bigamy.

Scotticher rocks. Definitely would get my vote for the SDMB Sweetest Individual Award. :slight_smile:

That is… if there was one. :wink:

Seriously, she’s awesome. Glad you started this thread Dave.

As an aside, I still always have to re-write Scotticher’s name 2-3 times because my brain wants to type Scotchier.

Hear! Hear! Tip them glasses to Scotti dear!

Oh, I love Scotti. She’s just as sweet as the day is long. AND, she and I wear the same color lipstick. Or at least we did one night last October.

Lovya baby, don’t go changin’.

Hey, throw another compliment on the BBQ to Scotticher for me!

Organizing and making worldwide connections- you are the best!

Take care-

I spend several hours a week online with this lovely lady. I’ve had the privilege to have spent many hours with her traveling around Texas to dopefest and sightseeing. She is the sweetest, most beautiful person I’ve known and such a pleasure to be with.

Her heart is as big as all outdoors. I’ve gotten to help her (at least I hope I helped) with some of her ‘projects’ and she puts so much love and care into them.

Scotti is a real life best friend and I’m proud that I am one of hers too.

Much Love,


I want to adopt her.

I’ve often wondered how such a smart, funny, kind-hearted, level-headed gal has remained unattached so long.

I can only conclude that all those jokes we Oregonians make about the lack of native intelligence in Washingtonians must be true.

If I wasn’t so very married, I’d get some Grecian Formula and lie about my age. I already have a Washington state roadmap. :wink:

One of these days Scotti I’ll get up there and give you a real live hug if I may. Til then: {{{{Scotti}}}}

Thank you very, very much, DAVE for starting this thread. She is indeed one of the sweetest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, first on here, and then in real life. I chat with her as often as I can each week, because she always lifts me up and helps me see the rainbows when all I see are more rain clouds.

When I finally got to meet her in person last September, she was just what I expected, only more so. Sweet, loving, kind, beautiful from her soul out, and with a constant twinkle in her eye and a laugh that made you laugh with joy just to hear. She is such a dear person to me, and to so many of us on this board and other boards. Her petite body doesn’t look nearly big enough to hold the size of her heart, but somehow it does.

You are one of this life’s bestest treasures, one of my very dearest friends, and you have blessed my life so much, just by knowing you, Scotti. I’m proud to be your friend. I love you, honeygirl. Without you and Jim in my corner, I don’t know how I would have ever made it through some of these past months.

I want to be Scotti when I grow up. Seriously.

One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received was a positive comparison to this fine woman. I don’t agree with it, but I was flattered none-the-less.

Cheri will see times when I’m down, either here or in my LJ, send me an e-mail, send me a hug… just always say the right thing at the right time. I think her whole body is nothing but heart.

And I’m glad to say that she’s a friend.

I love her. What can I say. She cares so much about everyone else’s feelings and needs that she frequently forgets she has feelings and needs that should be acknowledged/taken care of, too! There’s nobody sweeter.

Scotti rocks…I can’t say it any better then the other people in this thread…but she rocks…always has…always will


I adore Scotti. She is, by far, one of the sweetest people I know. Thank you for always being there, Cheri. :slight_smile:

I have just recently had the pleasure of getting to knowScotti a little bit better throught the baby shower. I look forward to a continued relationship. Truely a very kind soul.

Scotti is absolutely wonderful. She helped me out when I had a traffic ticket and I was absolutely broke and couldn’t afford to have a bench warrant put out on me. She’s nice to everyone, always supportive and caring, and just generally nifty and keen.

I have never met anyone who cares as much about other people as Scotti. She is constantly putting her friends first and thinking of wonderful and sweet ways to let them know she loves them. I am so lucky to have her as a friend. Scotti is amazing. :slight_smile: