The SDMB Craft Show & Bake Sale!

Okay, it’s that time of year.

Set out your stuff.

Here at my table, I’ve got crochet & plastic canvas. Here’s some dishcloths & potholders. I’ve got some mug rugs and refrigerator magnets, too! Mostly Christmas-themed, but there’s a few other holiday things, like Thanksgiving, Chanukah, New Year’s, Easter, and Halloween.

Got any stuff you want to display? This is the place to do it. There’s lots & lots of table space!

oh, just what I needed after all the (oh, well, don’t want to even think about it).

I’ve got homemade mustards (7 or 8 varieties),
personalized advent calendars,
greeting cards, stationary,
Christmas ornaments
and some dandy trivits that make fun of my SO.

how’s that???
(Hi Persephone when are ya comin to Lansing?)

Wring and I have been waiting here for days. Set up a table! Show your stuff, people!

I’m trying to learn how to make decorative holiday crocheted G-strings, and I need volunteers, of both genders, to help me out. Gotta make sure they fit, you know. :slight_smile:

I have
[li]Homemade M&M brownies, with fudge frosting[/li][li]Applesauce cookies with golden raisins[/li][li]4-layer carrot cake with pecans, golden raisins, and cream cheese frosting[/li][li]Hand-dipped chocolate truffles[/li][li]Rice Krispie Treats ('cause it’s not a bake sale without 'em)[/li][li]Rocky Road cookie bars[/li][/ul]

Ok, I’ll help with this, but I won’t model them! I don’t think anyone needs to see my fat ass in a G-string.

I have:

A ton of handmade jewelry (see profile)!

My son and I have been making critters out of pony beads; he wants to set up a table here.

Lots of homemade fudge. Please, please buy some before I eat it all!

with fabric cutouts ironed on to cardstock. Some of them have stampings and punch-outs too. They are mostly Christmas and North Woods themed, but we make them for every occasion. We’ll set up a table, and probably buy most of Tabithina’s fudge and tiggeril’s brownies.



Nope, nope, can’t do it. (Wait…it doesn’t have nuts in it, does it? I hate nuts in fudge or brownies.) If it’s good ol’ plain fudge, I’ll buy some! And some of tiggeril’s truffles, too! Mmmmm. Chocolate.

I’ll set up a table. I have various pieces of small furniture that I have either made or restored. Next to that are wooden earring racks I made which hold post and hoop earrings, with pegs for necklaces.

Over here we have wind chimes made out of old silverware and copper pipe, candle holders made out of gourds, lots of homegrown grapevine wreaths with dried flowers, and other ideas I ripped off from HGTV!!!

And as long as we’re selling, I’ll set up another table for some of my brother’s pottery until he can find reasonable rent for a storefront in Manhattan (yeah, fat chance, bud!)

OK I’ll set up my stuff.
It’s those cheap imported from China tools.
You know the stuff.
Overhardened drill bits
Pliers that don’t close straight-5 different styles
Screwdrivers with pastel handles
Tape measures- 2 hot colors
Lightweight aluminum levels 4 lengths (shhh drop it once and it’s junk)
Hex screwdriver bits- Too hard, they break
And Socks
A whole table full (SHHH they’re 2nds)

Well, I have a bunch of Christmas sugar cookies. They are thick, with home made frosting, almost like lil cakes!
But you have to get them now, before I eat them all!

pepperlandgirl, I love those cookies!
::drool:: I’ll buy them all.

Dire Wolf, I have maple walnut fudge, chocolate fudge with and without pecans, white chocolate almond fudge, peppermint fudge, and peanut butter fudge.
I also make a bar candy that tastes like chocolate peanut butter cups, but it got eaten before I could get it into the car.
burp! :o

:eek: A variety of fudge!!!
Hmmmmm, let’s see :rolleyes: …what to buy…what to buy…
:stuck_out_tongue: Peanut butter fudge!!!


Why, I love fudge so much, I’ll even give you an earring rack just for bringing it!

I guess I can forgive you for eating the bar candy. It sure sounds tasty!

You make beaded jewelry too? I’ve been doing it for about three and a half years. My speciality is amulet bag necklaces – my addition to the craft show!

Yes, yes! This is what I like to see! Love these craft shows.

I’m looking for a table runner. Anyone got a nice holiday table runner? I need something to put under the piles of fudge I’m going to be taking home. And some of those cookies from pepperlandgirl. Oh man, I LOVE those deep-dish style sugar cookies.

Lamia, you are SO in time for this! I also happen to need an amulet bag. Mine broke a few weeks ago. I’m so bummed. Glad you could make it here! :smiley:

I love amulet bags! I used to make them when I started my business out in California. Now I have kids and a lot less time, so I do wire and bead jewelry, for the most part. It’s quicker to make, and I can support myself --somewhat-- making it. I’m itching to get out my Delica beads this winter, though. :slight_smile:
I started making jewelry fifteen years ago. It’s as addictive as this message board!

For crafts, I’ve got a carefully mounted Gaboon Viper skull, an excellent educational tool. Also some hand-made snake hooks in the ‘Stump Ripper’ style, and a hand-built rifle, .220 Swift, that’s only been fired for a sight-in.

For the eats: ‘Death Wish’ barbeque sauce in pint jars, pickeled eggs with a little curry powder in the juice, pickled hocks, homemade, jerked venison, some sweet potato pies my younger daughter baked, and a pastery of unknown origin that looks awful but smells pretty good. If I can’t pass it along, I’ll eat it myself.

Anyone interested, I’ll talk to ya after I get back from Pepperlandgirl’s table.

Ohhh sets up her own table full of cross-stitch, various crafts like wall hangings, necklaces, reindeer made from pompoms, chickens from cups etc etc… also has a bunch of soft ginger cookies and Cape Breton Pork Pies…

Mmmm, Tabithina’s peppermint fudge…

Is there room for another jewelry maker here?

There’s always room for more jewelry makers here! Everyone loves homemade jewelry (or should in my opinion cuz a lot of it is really gorgeous)

Oh, goody! Thanks, Topaz!

Lemme just spread out my wares here… My speciality is glass or freshwater pearl station necklaces and bracelets. I’m working on the matching earrings.

Your pompom reindeer sound cute! Where’d you learn to make them?