The SDMB Dwarf Fortress Ongoing Game

Ingame thread for the game. Try to keep this clear, use the other thread for chatter; we’ll use this just for updates and discussions about the ongoing game.

So, Emateyo Vutheni “The Everlasting World of Dragons” has been created. Let’s hope there aren’t too many dragons, or at least, that they don’t find dwarves tasty :eek:

It will be Year 250 when we get started.

On checking the Legends, I found many, many dragons and many, many hydras… We’re screwed.

Some interesting locations include “The Steppes of Evaporation”, “The Connected Forest” (Where we can access the Dope) and “The Unswerving Dunes” (Safe driving FTW!)

I’ll post the actual save file soon.

**Babale (The Glorious Founder)
Flying Rat

Entry Zero: Dawn of the Dwarf**

My name is Babale, son of Ulfgrad, son of Ulric, son of Urvin, son of [The list goes on and on for seven pages. We skip it for your convenience]

Today, on the First of Granite, me and my man have arrived at a new land: Etasfikod (JoinGlazed, in the Human tongues). Here we will strike the earth and forge the most powerful fortress known to Dwarfkind. Such is the will of Babale, son of Ulfgrad, son of […], and thus shall it be!


Ooo ooo ooo can I play? Please please please I promise no fun or hot lava please!

Please keep all out-of-game discussion here. Strategy or responses to game posts are fine, but asking to join goes in the other thread.
Entry One: Welcome to JoinGlazed! AKA The First Spring

We arrived in this wild land prepared for a struggle. Of the seven of us, three were skilled miners, including myself; two were wood cutters, one of whom could use his axe to fell a beast, a dwarf, or a man as well as he could fell a tree, and two unskilled dwarves to gather food and carry loads. Still, I didn’t want to try our luck; in the sky, we saw a giant eagle, and tiger and leopard tracks had followed us all the way from our homeland. So immediantly, we got to work. We started digging, headed into the hill:

(Sorry about the low quality of this picture)

Soon, we had carved a pretty little fort for ourselves. While a few of us dug deeper to search for ore, the rest fortified the entrance. I ordered my men to make thick, strong fortifications, as I had seen the beasts known as Elephants on the way here. My cousin was lost to an Elephant attacked not far from here, and I didn’t want to take any risks.

By the end of spring, however, I had realized that these Elephants were not aggressive at all… Still, the fortifications should be useful against all manners of threats.

Entrance to fort. Outdoors area for future military training; only entrance through tunnel with cages. Emergency exit in wall; drawbridge still needs to be hooked up to a lever.

Area for future crafting stations, dining room, bedrooms for nobles, and (hopefully) ores. Probably not deep enough for ores, but we’ll see.

Future farming area. I’ll be flooding it, letting the water dry, and then start farming. The dwarf is standing on a lever which opens the flood gate.

Entry II: Summer

Summer is finally over, and my time here is drawing to a close. In just two seasons, I will give up my position as leader. But two seasons are a long time, long enough to make sure this fort survives whatever handling its next leader shall provide.

This first summer has been marked by both success and failure. Within the fort, operations are ticking smoothly. We have started a smelting operation; soon we shall begin exporting dwarven weapons to the rest of the world. At the same time, Operation: Pachyderm failed miserably. I sent our most skilled warrior out into the wilderness. My plan was to have him anger the elephants, causing them to chase him. He would flee back through our trapped tunnel, where cages would capture the elephants; this would provide food and animals to tame. Unfortunately, these elephants stampeded away as soon as my warrior approached them. We haven’t seen an elephant in these parts since, although we have seen a few mountain goats; I will see to taming them during the coming seasons.

The entrance to our fortress. A meatpacking operation is being set up to process the mountain goats, if we are able to capture or kill them.

Our mining operation and future dining room/food stock.

The great production chamber.

Well, Autumn has ended without much happening. A few more imigrants arrived, bringing our total to somewhere just bellow twenty; our hunters killed their first elephant, then dumped the body in front of the front gate; and the dwarven caraven arrived… without a wagon. So my bridge is a total waste, for now at least. Ah well, hopefully Winter will be more interesting.

Entry III: Autumn and Winter

As the days grew colder and shorter, I knew my rule was coming to an end. I had founded this fortress, so building a lasting memorial was not my goal; the entire fort shall be a testament to my legacy. So for the last few months of my rule, my dwarves did not expand the fort much. True, I myself led mining teams into the deepest bowels of the earth, but except for one small silver vein, we did not find much.

Above ground, our hunters were making progress. Already we have been graced with the meat of a great cow elephant.

It was only in the early month of Obsidian that I decided to build myself a tomb, as per the Dwarven tradition. We dug a room, myself included, and placed in it a coffin, some statues, and a cage. Hopefully, if the next leader is willing, the cage will house a ferocious beast of some type. However, nice as this tomb was, it did not fit Dwarven tradition: Ours calls for a simple burial, under tons of stone. And yet, as the founder, my body will have meaning to the other dwarves. So I devised a compromise: When one year has passed since my burial, a dwarf must pull the lever found in the tomb and bury it under tons of stone.
Recommendations to Next Leader
I haven’t been able to specialize enough, because of the low number of dwarves. As soon as the next batch of immigrants arrive, you should be able to start specializing… Oh, and don’t fish. The fisherdwarves will stand by the murky pools for a few minutes and then leave with a frog. It’s not worth it.

There’s silver deeper underground, but I didn’t get a chance to smelt it yet. You should be able to find it with no trouble.

Good luck and happy digging!


Succession Journal, Part 1
Ballad of Dinaroozie

Here I am in Joinglazed, and of course, the first thing to do is survey the area. I’ve received information from the previous ruler of the fortress about the state of affairs here, but of course sometimes such things must be taken with a grain of salt. I must say though, that so far, things appear to be more or less as described. It’s striking to me how many different ways there are to lay out a fortress - having never attempted to take the reigns of an established leader before, I’m taken by the extent to which I don’t know my way around the layout of another architect. Still, things have run smoothly for a year by all accounts, so the my predecessor must have been doing something right.

Of course, the next thing to examine is the denizens of the place. I’m immediately impressed by how busy everyone seems to be - hardly an idle dwarf in the place! Consultation with the therapist in residence has given me a clearer view of everyone’s roles and abilities, and how this feat of dwarven efficiency was achieved.

Upon looking at the roster, I see we have a very skilled core of miners, especially for such a young fortress. Our most skilled dwarf - a high master bowyer by the name of Ast - is confusingly assigned to furniture hauling. Mental note to put her in charge of producing crossbows for trade later on. We also have a highly trained fish dissector and a rather competent strand extractor and soap maker. Questionable career decisions aside, we should be at least able to make use of the soaper later on. Unfortunately, we lack any expertise in either weaponry or armour production.

As for myself, I think I ought to start planning what kind of impact I want to have on the place. I do notice that the dwarves still must travel outside to obtain water, and we are lacking a hospital - both these situations can be solved in one act: the creation of an underground plumbing system. It’s fortunate that we have an experienced mining operating; this task should be very achievable. My other plan was initially to get metalworks underway, though I discovered to my surprise a forge and set of furnaces on a floor of the fortress that I didn’t initially realise existed! Nonetheless, I feel more work can be done here, and it’s a valuable path to move the fortress along.

One last note before I begin my rule - I’ve noticed that we have access to various iron ores, and extensive casseterite, but no flux stone. If I’m not mistaken, this means that if we strike malachite, tetrahedrite, or native copper before flux stone, bronze will be our most effective weapon and armour material.

Initial construction work
My first act as leader was to begin some additional digs. These rapidly spiralled out of control - my plan was to construct adjacent spaces for a large dining hall and a hospital, with the intention of them sharing a watersource, for which I’m mining out a large space below these rooms. However, during this process I realised that many of the workshops are cluttered with produce. I designated some rooms to be dug out for furniture and refuse storage, as these seem to be the biggest offenders, and for whatever reason the miners elected to excavate these areas first. This is probably a good thing, as it will allow our other dwarves to start loading the cluttering objects into these stockpiles while other digging continues. I’ve also ordered the production of two floodgates for the water system, and will order the six mechanisms I need too as soon as I can remember where the mechanic’s workshop is.

Almost no time has passed since my last entry, but we have news - we’ve received a new wave of migrants. However, this is no minor migration wave - the population has more than doubled, from sixteen dwarves to thirty-eight. This has various implications - first off, I’ll be working the miners even harder, not to mention the carpenter, to get many more beds and bedrooms up and running. We’ve gained some highly skilled engravers, some excellent expertise in stone and bone crafting, a novice armourer and weaponsmith (still better than what we had already), and a dwarf who describes himself as a ‘professional kicker’ - probably straight to the military with that one, though I’m not entirely sure it’s wise to trust him with weaponry. Perhaps most importantly, though, we’ve gained a lot of currently idle dwarves - there are lots of hauling jobs that need immediate attention.

During the decoration of the hospital and dining room, one of the engravers created an artwork depicting a dwarf called Solon Razorrace surrounded by giant roaches, and looking terrified. I’m forced to wonder if there isn’t some piece of history to this fortress or region that the previous ruler has neglected to tell me.

I’ve also taken it upon myself to insist we decorate the walls of the water cistern, prior to submerging it. Some may call this a waste of time; however, I don’t want future adventurers plumbing the depths of submerged caverns to be confronted only with jagged, rough rock walls. I have my legacy to think of.

Succession Journal, Part 2
Ballad of Dinaroozie

The water system is complete! The first lever has been pulled, and the underground cistern is filling as I write this. Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ve also, during exploratory mining, broken through into an expansive cave system underground. I was actually in the process of preparing for this eventuality by builing an underground chamber with a moat, and the moat is what broke through into the area, leaving us with a semi-defended entrance. I’ve ordered the construction of some weapon and cage traps in the passage adjoining the area, but I won’t be venturing forth until the military is a bit larger, lest I find something unpleasant in the depths.

On the plus side, it seems that we’ve found a vein of tetrahedrite - this contains silver in small quantities, but more importantly, copper. This is what we need to get a bronze industry under way, and before long we can have our soldiers equipped with some high-quality weapons and armour.

Speaking of soldiers, I have created two new squads, bringing our military up to nine strong. The new squads, The Mechanical Tombs and The Rough Skulls (aptly named, as they consist entirely of recruits), have been added to a training schedule. Now I must establish a barracks and give our soldiers somewhere to get their skills up to speed.

It appears that my trepidation about the underground cave system was well-founded - one of our cage traps now houses a troll who would otherwise no doubt be wreaking havoc in our fortress. The previous leader of the fortress left the most curious request of requiring his tomb be furnished with a dangerous untamed animal in a cage - I suspect that this will work well.

And how time flies - autumn is upon us. Already half way through my year. I feel like I’ve achieved a reasonable amount, but there’s still work to be done. I steel myself for the future.

Times have been fairly uneventful. Craftwork has continued, and I’ve begun work on a second underground farming chamber. Food is not any kind of problem in the fortress at the moment, but perhaps we can start work on a clothing industry if we have more space for non-food farming.

In the meantime, the outpost liaison has arrived, and with it, a caravan. I’m much better prepared now than I was last time - apart from various surplus weaponry, our master stonecrafter has been working solidly for some time and we have vast wealth in high-quality crafts - nine bins at over two thousand apiece. Hopefully the merchants will have high-quality equipment to trade for.

No such luck. For once we could have afforded some steel weapons and armour, but instead we got a bunch of nickel cages and some copper boots. So it goes. We shall keep our wares for more deserving merchants.

It’s come to my attention that my records thus far have mostly been lacking in illustrations - in the next chapter I will be including some diagrams to illustrate the state of the fort.

Succession Journal, Part 3
Ballad of Dinaroozie

I am in my last season here at Joinglazed, and must start thinking about the handing over of the reigns to new blood. I’ve heard rumours that the fellow following me is a little new to this whole ‘running things’ business, so I suppose I should attempt to leave things in a somewhat tolerable and safe state.

The fortress has been hit with an acute shortage, although arguably it’s not a bad kind of shortage to have - we have found ourselves chronically short of barrels to store food in. We’re also lacking bins, though to a lesser extent - our carpenters have been working more or less non-stop to solve this problem, but to no avail, and I think it’s time to set up some additional carpentry workshops to parallelise this task for the future. Barrel shortages may seem trivial, but the old hands among us will know that if all your available barrels become immediately filled with food, you have nothing to brew drinks into, and that can turn into a serious problem.

In terms of finishing what I started, it’s probably time to get beds and doors in all the bedrooms I dug out - though building beds will take time away from solving our barrel problem. I also ordered two mighty silver statues to be placed above the entrance to strike fear into our enemies, but the beard-eating twit responsible for placing them seems to have gotten distracted and left the statue lying on the ground nearby. I’ve reissued the placement order, and made a mental note to make that dwarf responsible for moving the troll into the cage in the former leader’s tomb.

Blast! Disaster has struck - in retrospect, predictably - and a troll has been loosed into our fortress. I’d rather not divulge the details of how this came to pass, but the important thing is that the only people who got badly injured deserved it, and that troll bones make highly valuable crafts. I must most humbly apologise to the leader Babale, whose tomb now lacks its centrepiece - hopefully his life is long, and one of my successors can make up for this shortfall.

Speaking of tombs, it is time I began working on my own. And speaking of the grim spectre of death, contrary to my initial observation, one of the soldiers that helped take down the troll is in hospital with a serious leg injury. It looks like he’s going to pull through with full mobility, but our wound-dresser is almost completely inexperienced, so we’ll just have to see how this situation pans out.

Ah! An ambush! This is the first goblin activity we’ve seen beyond mere thieves and snatchers. I suspect that our military will be able to cope, but this points to the next leader having a more interesting time of things than I first thought. Let’s see what they’ve got…

Oh, woe. It seems they’ve got quite a bit more than was initially apparent. The fortress is saved but… at a significant cost. We have lost ten dwarves in the invasion, most of them soldiers. In total, three waves of goblins attacked - some were killed, some captured, but according to our records (which may be spotty), most fled. And this could not have come at a worse time - only two days remain until the new leader takes over. May the gods smile upon him. I will designate a room dug out for the bodies, but there’s little else I can do before this once-safe outpost is passed on to my successor. I have designated new soldiers to replace those fallen, but they are not enormously skilled.

Notes for my successor
Obviously, there is a lot to be said about the state of our security - however, I will come to that shortly.

Despite the recent setbacks, Joinglazed is a prosperous place. If need be, we can survive indoors for quite some time - I have designated four underground farms which are currently unused, and we have vast reserves of food. We also have access to unlimited water within the safety of the fortress, which is a subject I’ll return to shortly. We have access to large quantities of iron, and a significant amount of ingredients for bronze (copper is our limiting factor, here, but there are some unmined tetrahedrite veins available in the caverns below - currently they seem safer than the outdoors anyway). We also have a good supply of metal already smelted, and a reasonable stockpile of bronze and iron weapons and armour. Our commercial situation is also excellent - we have good craftdwarves and can trade for almost anything, provided that the caravans bring something worthwhile. Our dwarves were, until the recent attack, very happy, and most are living in luxury that will hopefully have them forget their losses soon enough.

Now, onto the subject of what we don’t have. A lack that has become acute recently is that of a morgue and a burial chamber - you will find two rooms designated for mining, and my plan was to make the smaller room the graveyard, and the larger room the burial chamber. I’ve also given the order for a mason to construct ten coffins. I hope this production will complete in time to appease the loved ones of the fallen, but I daresay getting this situation under control should be your first task, lest morale fall too low. The military, too, has suffered badly. I have drafted some more civilians to replace some of the fallen, but I think it’s fair to say we could currently not cope with another goblin invasion of similar magnitude. A lot of the equipment of the fallen soldiers can be recovered - I have not yet attempted this task. The ambush came in from the east, and I would recommend trapping the area fairly heavily. There’s a surplus of mechanisms at present, and as ever a surplus of stone - I believe a dense group of stonefall traps would have helped a lot with our last ambush. I also mined out an area for an additional forge, which may become necessary to keep our soldiers and our weapon traps equipped. There are several industries that haven’t really been explored, particularly clothing and dyes, but this has dropped on the list of priorities for obvious reasons. We also have a somewhat ill-equipped hospital, due to lack of plaster and a lack of a soap industry. I’m not sure what can be done about the former - I don’t recall seeing any plaster stones around - but the soap industry could be built up fairly quickly, and given the influx of wounded our hospital is probably about to receive, this might be a good idea.

Finally, it would be remiss of me to not mention the functioning of our indoor water system. The system consists of two chambers connected to each other. One is open, and has wells in it, and the other is connected to the river by a long tunnel. There are two floodgates - one between the river and the cistern, and one between the cistern and the pond. Do not - and I can’t emphasis this enough - open both floodgates at the same time. If this happens, the fortress will flood very badly. The idea is that if the pond runs dry, you can temporarily open the floodgate to the cistern to unleash that water. If the cistern needs more water, the floodgate to it from the river can be opened to refill it from the river. The levers in the room with the pond control these floodgates in the logical way (the northern lever controls the northern floodgate, etc). I would recommend having both closed most of the time, to avoid any unfortunate accidents involving insanity or gremlins. Logic might arguably dictate that the levers should be located somewhere that wouldn’t immediately become inaccessible in the event of a flood, but on further reflection, I knew that Armok would not approve of such cowardice.

In any case, I believe that is all I have. I’m sorry that I have left you with a minor disaster to clean up, and sorrier still that my time here has ended when things were about to get exciting. Take this as an opportunity for glory and the gods will smile on us all. Get us through the year and no doubt the engravers will honour you in their artwork!

Fortress plans/sketches
The following artwork mostly depicts things accurately as they were in mid-winter. A few changes have taken place, but this information should mostly be good.
Entrance and First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth ‘Floor’

And of course, the requisite paperwork authorising leadership of our mighty outpost can be obtained here.

Now-retired Glorious Leader Babale steps onto the platform and clears his throat. Assembled before him are all the dwarves of the fortress. Babale raises his hand for silence, then begins speaking.

“My fellow Joinglazedians… Today is a great day in our joined history. Exactly one year ago, I have stepped down and handed power over to Dinaroozie. Today Dinaroozie shall vacate the throne (Figuratively of course, as neither of us has ever gotten around to actually building a throne room). Autolycus shall take his place. But before we look to the future, let us view our past. This second year of our fortress has been highly prosperous. Under the wise leadership of Dinaroozie, we have mined a water system. No longer shall dwarves have to danger the ferocious Carp of the Above-Ground Water Sources. Additionally, we have discovered a great cavern. Were I in charge, this cavern’s wildlife would be sitting in barrels behind out Legendary Dining Room, but I digress. Dinaroozie’s leadership has carried us well. Let us hope that Autolycus does not bring us all to a fiery death.”

At this point, one of Babale’s livers fails, causing him to pass out. One of his backup livers soon kicks in, but by this time, everyone assumes that his speech is over.

“Darn it! That was just the introduction!”

Autolycus daydreams during the legnthy and bloviated speech. His ears suddenly perk up upon hearing his name.

“Ah shit,” he mutters under his breath. He proceeds to get roaring drunk, retires to his chamber, and starts reading his untouched edition of Fortress-Governing for Dummies

Succession Journal of FlyingRat, Part 1
Spring of 253

…Well, it seems that the reins of running this madhouse have fallen to me a year early, given that Autolycus is locked in his room babbling madly surrounded by Administration textbooks. No matter, he’ll have his chance eventually. In the meantime, absolute power is mine!!! No longer am I only your humble bookkeeper, but the Leader of the Expedition! Muha…haha…hahahahaaaa! cough Sorry, a bit of plump helmet stuck in my throat.

On surveying the state of the fortress, things are much as Past Leader Dinaroozie described. We still have quite a bit of work to do to clean up after the tragedy of the goblin attack (curse those green-skinned devils!) and beef up our military to prevent a future tragedy. I’ve already created two new squads of Marksdwarves, who will be active in alternate months, and designated an area of the outdoor yard as an archery range for them to practice. Other than that, I’ve made the following notes:

  1. We are completely out of booze. Armok save us! This needs to be fixed fast, or my “worthy” companions will end up lazing about all day doing nothing but grumbling. Not good.

  2. Although I have nothing but the greatest respect for our Glorious Founder, Babale, it seems that he’s been doing nothing as manager-- I see no jobs scheduled under his leadership. I’m minded to take away his fancy-schmancy tomb until he shapes up, but we’ll see. In the meantime I have instructed him to manage the production of some bins, coffins and barrels, and if he can tear himself away from making intricately carved bone toothpi-- I mean, crossbow bolts-- long enough to approve the orders, we can start getting stuff done in a properly organized fashion.

  3. What in the name of Urist is up with those farms? I mean, don’t get me wrong-- large farms are a nice luxury, but those are far too enormous for our needs right now. I’m going to replace them with smaller fields that are easier for the Farmdwarves to manage, so we can grow more of a rotation of crops. When the time comes we can move back to large fields.

  4. The entrance area is an ungodly mess, what with the still sitting right there, walls every which way, and the whole thing cluttered up with boxes and barrels. I’m going to reorganize the armor and weapons storage, for one, and in general look at streamlining things so that the workshops don’t back up and everything has its place. Organization is my watchword! puts on crystal glass pince-nez

I’ve also designated some new areas for digging out a quick, but permanent, cemetery, so (Armok forbid) we won’t have our departed comrades haunting us around every corner.

So, that’s it…wish me luck!

**Succession Journal of FlyingRat, Part 2

End of Spring, 253**

Well, things are pretty well back on track, it appears. The spring migration brought a huge group of 21 new immigrants-- either they hadn’t heard the news about the winter attack, or they decided to brave the journey anyway. In either case, I saluted their arrival by immediately putting them to work, drafting some into the military and assigning others to clean up the mess in the halls and chambers.

One of my first actions was to replace Babale as manager…not for the reasons I originally stated, but because he was having a great time churning out bolts for our marksdwarves to use, while one of the new arrivals (a Cook) had extensive administrative experience but was sitting around with his thumb up his butt doing nothing. I shoved him into the office (a corner of the workshop, but hey, we don’t want folks getting too cushy around here) and told him to get to work assigning jobs, and soon enough we had some barrels and bins underway, as well as some coffins.

I also dug out a bigger cemetery area on one of the lower levels. Since it didn’t take long (hooray for efficient miners!) I added another, smaller room next door for a pet cemetery. Our faithful dogs deserve recognition for their role in defending Joinglazed, after all.

The elves showed up right on schedule, and I was able to trade for some barrels and buckets, as well as some much-needed alcohol. Swill, unlike proper dwarven brews, but it’ll do the trick until we can get enough spare barrels.

Military-wise, I’ve beefed up the three squads that Former Leaders Babale Dinaroozie left, and created two more of marksdwarves alone. If available I’ll create a third marksdwarf squad so I can set up the same rotation that already existed for the first squads. I’ve also set up an archery range, complete with a bolt-return chute for bolts that don’t hit the mark and remain intact (a useful little tip someone told me about). All entries to the fortress have also been enhanced with more cage traps, and I’ll probably set up more cage traps around the landscape, just to see what we get…

muffled noise in the background Blast, she’s at it again. One of our haulers has been throwing tantrums off and on since the goblin attack. I know she’s upset-- I mean, her dogs died, and that would tear me up too-- but that’s no excuse to go off and attack the brewers. I assigned her a few days in prison (not that we have one yet) and let her cry on my shoulder, and now she seems better.

In better news, one of our Dyers went cross-eyed and started mumbling to himself before taking over the Bowdwarf’s workshop and coming out with a stunning highwood blowgun. By my estimates it’s worth a whopping 52,800 ☼! Something to make a note of for the records…

End of Summer, 253

Things are looking a good bit cleaner now that I’ve cleared all the clutter out of the hallways and relocated the workshops to better spots. All of the food-related industries are now clustered on two floors right above one another, for example, with a new staircase so that it’s easy to get from seed storage to fields (the nice room Dinaroozie prepared) to kitchen/still/food processing to dining rooms. While the indoor farm that Babale set up is still good, it’s a little farther away, so I decided to let it lie fallow for now.

I tidied up the fields and set up a couple of smaller ones, one for plump helmets and the other for a rotation of other crops. We’re in no danger of running out of food, though: thanks to the traps and the efforts of the hunters, we are absolutely rolling in meat (I think we’ll be eating draltha biscuits for the next hundred years at least).

Just for fun, I had the cages with our captive goblins placed in the central stairway hall, for everyone to point and laugh at as they go past. It’s important that our youngdwarves know who their enemies are and that treachery against our fortress and civilization will not stand!

I also installed some other cages in the main meeting/dining hall, in the interest of organization (my watchword). We have lots of critters running around and we’re in danger of being overrun. I’ve assigned most of them to the cages (horses in one, cows in another, mules and donkeys in another) which will keep them from slowing things down around here AND from breeding. We have so much meat right now that slaughtering any of them would be a waste, unless we have a real need for leather and bones.

Now, thanks to all my efforts, I just got word that I’ve been named Mayor of the Village of Joinglazed. Praise Etest! I’ve wasted no time in getting the miners to carve me out a posh set of chambers. Dinaroozie was kind enough to decorate the walls with some pretty stunning engravings showing various events in the history of the fortress. They’re impressive even if there aren’t any wailing hags depicted (but there is a floating head, though, which is cool).

Hmm…what next? Maces. I want more maces. You! Get to work!

**Succession Journal of FlyingRat, Part 3

End of Fall, 253**

The situation of the fortress under my tenure as mayor has continued to go well. I’ve moved into my new chambers, and working both to update the stockpile records and turn out metal items at our forges keeps me busy.

To celebrate my accession, I’ve undertaken a new project to improve morale (which is high to begin with): a gladiatorial arena! I’ve instructed the miners to carve out a double-height chamber on one of the lower levels, where we can all gather and watch the bloodsport as our captive enemies face off against one another and the wild beasts that we’ve captured. True, dwarfly fun for the whole family! I have also designated that my tomb shall be built on the same level as the arena so that I can continue to enjoy the spectacle for years after my demise.

Inspiration struck the fortress again, resulting in a beautiful pink garnet figurine, “Kisssnake the Ambiguous Dead”, depicting dwarves and purring maggots. I suppose the purring maggots take care of the “ambiguous” part…

Trading with the humans in the summer was profitable, but marked by one unfortunate occurrence. As the haulers were transporting some of the caged animals to the Trade Depot, the cage doors came open and a Giant Spider (shudder) was released into the halls! The military dwarves were able to kill the foul thing, but not before our Beloved Former Leader Dinaroozie was injured in an attempt to ward off the beast. He sustained some facial wounds and damage to his foot, but is being waited on in the infirmary hand and foot by our medical staff.

End of Winter, 253

Tragedy has struck us. Even as Dinaroozie appeared to be improving, he suddenly succumbed to infection and perished. We have all been mourning his loss, and he has been interred in his magnificent tomb on one of the lower levels, with two of our captive goblins placed within in cages to keep him company. I blame no one but myself for this, as we had ample opportunity to start making soap but I never ordered construction of the appropriate workshops. I have now remedied this lack in resolution that no other dwarf shall die from such an avoidable cause.

The cycle of life continues, though: our trained war elephant, Olon Lancerglories (adopted and nicknamed “Pooky” by Fikod Missigun our animal handler), gave birth to not one, but two calves! They have been wandering around the halls of the fortress, squeaking happily. No doubt Olon was visited secretly by some of the other elephants we frequently see wandering around across the river as well as closer to the gates of the fortress. I have ordered construction of a few more cage traps scattered among the trees so that we might capture a few more pachyderms to add to the growing herd.

The arena and my tomb are complete, but we have not had the opportunity to test the arena; I leave that to my successor. I have had two levers constructed on the upper level. The northern one controls the floodgate regulating entrance to the lower arena enclosure, while the southern one can be connected to cages placed in the enclosure, so that the combatants can be released once the floodgate is safely closed.

The caravan arrived on schedule and thanks to our constant work of making rock crafts and totems (from all the discarded skulls we have lying about), we were able to make a killing on trade. We cleaned the merchants out of nearly everything that they had, except for the less-valuable cloth, and we have more arms and armor to show for it, both steel and bronze.

Shortly before the turn of the season, as expected, the goblins returned to attack us again! This time, thanks to the extensive military training in rotation our stout dwarves have been undergoing this year, we made off much better, slaying all the invaders outright or driving them away. We did lose several of our cats and dogs to the foul foe (those that had the misfortune to be outside the walls), and two dwarves-- still far too many. Also a snatcher made away with one of our children! Curse them! Next year we shall assuredly rain death upon their heads.

I would advise my successor of the following:

  1. The northeasternmost entrance to the fortress needs to be blocked off or trapped more heavily, as it is far too tempting to invaders.

  2. There is coal on the second level, both bituminous and lignite, that can provide a valuable fuel source for our forges instead of charcoal. Make good use of it!

  3. The military rotation (three squads of regular fighters and two of marksdwarves, who rotate among training, guarding, and standing down to pursue their normal activities) seems to be working very well still. As further migrants arrive, I advise you to see what military skills they possess and assign them to supplement the squads as appropriate.

  4. We still do not have a fortress guard, and it might be time to set one up. I have designated a small room for a jail, but it hasn’t seen much use.

  5. So far, no one has responded to my demands to make lead items! This is uncalled for! The fact that we have no lead is immaterial-- you must find a way!

The necessary fortress documents can be found here, in the traditional fashion.

It has been a pleasure to serve as your fortress leader for 253. I look forward to our fortunes only rising in the future!


The Entrance Level

Lower Level, with coal veins visible (and Babale’s old field, now fallow)

The Third Level, where food processing happens

The Main Level, where most of the rooms, craft areas, stockpiles, and rooms are

The Upper Arena Level, with my palatial quarters and Babale’s tomb

The Lower Arena Level, with my tomb

The Tombs, further down

A knock on my door comes. “Your turn!” grumbles some nameless dwarf. No…. I need more time… more time… I’m only on scroll B1.35! Why in Armok’s name did we decide on this confounded system of rotating leadership! Ungh…
It’s the year 254. Here’s hoping we last to see 255….

Succession Journal of Autolycus the Clueless.

Beginning of Spring:

Wow! Everything looks great… A lot has changed since I locked myself in my room so to speak

Umm… I notice we don’t have much of a military. Sadly I never quite got to that scroll, so I’ll just have to tinker around a bit later.

Fascinating. Fascinating. My first policy is to…do nothing. Let’s see how that goes for a little while.

Stukos Itdunavus has created a masterpiece. Unfortunately I can’t zoom in and I have no idea where he is. Well, I’m sure it’s quite lovely.

Ral Kolust also created a masterpiece. I love my dwarves. Later he busts out two more.

Some plant processing was cancelled because he needs unrotten processed plants. Hmmm… I’ll go check on the farms.

I have named myself. I am a miner and I appear to be quite happy. I’m not sure what I was before this… hmm… existential quandary.

I set an area to be dug but nobody is digging it. I guess all the miners are busy doing other tasks. I’ll trust my predecessors not to change that. There are some idlers however. Perhaps I’ll put a pick in their hand soon.

So about that farm thing… I built 2 more farm plots. But maybe we don’t need more crops just a better flow… Hmm.

Everything was going steadily… we only had 0-2 idlers. Now all of a sudden we have 8 but nothing changed. No new arrivals. I’m clueless.

OK well. I still am clueless on that dwarf bitching about processing plants, but so far everything is good. We have 8 idlers but a lot of those probably are children.
Oh. The digging issue was b/c I accidentally cancelled the connecting staircase. Let’s go down!

An animal caretaker was interrupted by a giant toad. I hope that’s not a big problem. It doesn’t seem to be attacking anyone, just getting in their way.

Whee more kittens.

There’s all these beds with no owners but I’m going to assume that was deliberate. I assigned one as a test.

I’ve constructed a large room on the 2nd or 3rd floor-ish that I’m sure will be useful for something.

I gave some orders to the workshops but they said they needed shit and I don’t know how to give it to them. Darn.

Flying Rat became the mayor. Hurray?

There are sooooo many stones lying (laying?) around. I sure wish I knew more about this strange ‘quantum stockpiling’ technique.

We got some emerald. Cool!

I’m not really sure what we actually need, but I told all the various workshops to make shit and that has cut down the idlers to 4… and I think we have 4 lazy children. Whippersnappers.

I’ve decided the huge room I’m building shall be a grand dining room. So far the only one I see is really small.

All the people with no clear job have been told to mine. Any moron can dig!

I don’t think the bed’s being un-assigned was on purpose. I’m going to assign some more.

Ast Rithluzotzl organized a party. How sweet.

Ilral Fokodososh has been possessed! Aaaand… holy smokes. The game stopped everything to tell me he has created “Toralgongash, a native silver mug.” Wow… I envy the dwarf that drinks from that.

A whopping TWENTY-TWO migrants came. I hope they like digging. I’ll assign beds and shit. Grumble grumble… everything was going so smoothly.
I told a bunch of the newbies to help mine…. And they didn’t. Not sure what’s going on but at least a bunch of them ‘became’ something and aren’t idling anymore.

The mayor cancelled some mysterious mandate. Good for him.

An elvan caravan has arrived. Now where’s my manuscript on trading? Darnit I knew I left It around here somewhere….

I still can’t figure out how to trade…. My broker is harvesting plants and won’t stop….I mean, I’ve moved a buncha stuff into the trade depot but I’m not getting any offers to trade things. Maybe it’s automatic?

A thief! Blast! And again… wish I knew how to defend against them.

Summer and Fall
Mistem Alathbomrek has given birth to a baby boy!

A dog grew into a stray war dog. I hope it’s on our side.

The merchants from Rofelawirii have embarked on their journey. Whatever that means. God I’m so clueless.

Soti Gutidunol is the mayor now and he has banned certain exports. Pffft ok.

Does “interrupted by” mean “attacked by?” I hope not.

13 more migrants. Woohoo.

I figured out the guy busting out the masterpieces is the chef. No wonder half the dwarves are ecstatic. Oh… shit I better assign some beds.

So some people are without beds at the moment. I’ll set them to digging once the basement of the dining hall is done. They can live for a while without nice digs.

OMG. Our poor animal handler, Fikod Missigun, has bled to death. I didn’t even know he was in trouble. Why wasn’t anyone warning me about this? I better check the health on the rest of my minions. Grrr… the first death on my watch 

Puzzling… immediately after the death, this cut the idlers from 20 to 5. They all started rushing to the area where poor Fikod died. What were they going after?

There’s a “Goblin Master Thief” afoot. How did he not get hit by the stone traps? And I’m starting to think ‘interrupted’ means ‘attacked by’ ….

Oh dear. No clue where it came from but some Miasma has formed on the NE entrance. I don’t recall any fighting there. I am clueless as how to clean it up, so I can only hope it goes away eventually.

Wow. With some nice building, smoothing walls, and furniture placement, the idlers were down to 0 for a minute! My only concern is that the military might be too small to deal with a proper attack. I’ll place more traps and train more war dogs. (Since I don’t know how to properly lead an army…… clueless me).

Well, I want to train more war animals but apparently I am clean out of tame animals to train. I’ve begun setting some animal traps outside the fortress area, but really I’m kinda clueless as to the best way to go about it.

I made room for additional beds but kinda screwed it up. I can’t figure out how to fill in the one wall gap. Maybe use double doors?

Vucar Likotthak or w/e…fey mood…. I just hope he doesn’t kill anyone.

A goblin lasher? How in holy hell are all these random goblins appearing out of nowhere? FUCKING A. And I STILL don’t know how to actively use a military.

Vucar Likotthak has created Nokortost, a hoary marmot bone bracelet. I guess that’s valuable?

I told the butcher shop to kill a stray animal for meat, but I didn’t mean the stray fucking war dog. D’oh! I’m not going to butcher any more animals for a while. Wait… the dog got struck down nowhere near the butcher room. What struck it down, and why? It’s in the room with the baby calf elephant chained to the wall.

Now I’m cooking with gas. I’ve tweaked the job system, built a few more workshops, found some odd jobs for the dwarves to do, and now I’m down to a steady less than 10 idlers… if not 1 or 2 only!

Athel Lokumet, one of my beloved pet dogs, has randomly suffocated ! WTF?! I guess living underground he forgot how to breath. A few days later…. Another one… darnit.

I really want to chain some war dogs to the front entrance of the fortress to prevent further thief intrusions, but I need chains. To do that I need a metalworker’s shop. To do that I need somebody with the metal-working skill. Confound it all.

“There is nothing to catch in the northwestern swamps.” What a cryptic message!

Heh. The elephant room is fun.

One of my wrestlers has grown attached to a bronze short sword. That sounds naughty.
OMG I am meeting with a liaison from the MountainHomes. Logem Romekrisen. He sounds important and cool. But…. I pressed enter and he went away and nothing happened  Oh wait now he wants us to become a barony. Sure why not? I am clueless so I nominate myself for ‘elevation.’

Sorry… still didn’t figure out trading… d’oh.

I figured out how to chain some war dogs to the main gates. We should be safe until future generations can expand the military. Eventually we’ll need bigger defenses though.

The mayor has ordered the construction of certain goods. But I don’t know how to figure out what those goods are. Clueless me…. I hope they aren’t too burdensome.

I am having fun building walls around the paved roads. The caravans will travel in style now.
Digging designation cancelled. Damp stone detected. I guess I’ll leave that alone. I’m not ready for such ‘fun’ yet.

I have completed milling 20 plants! After a zillion error messages about rotting plants too…

Edzul Thosbutmorul or w/e his name is has been possessed! Aghast! He has created Kurelsebshosh Thortish Inash, a silver chain. Woot!

Everything is going superbly fantastic. It’s almost too serene…

No sooner do I say that then I get ambushed by 5-6 goblins! Between my traps, my war dogs, and the military, I’m not worried yet.

Adil Leromudib has been struck down by one of the goblins wandering around outside  How do I tell all my dwarve to stay inside, and how do I tell my guys to go out and fight them? D’oh….Darn you Ngusly I or my predecessor will get you! He now struck down another dwarf: Dumed Etarbomrek. You will pay!

A stray kitten waaay far from the fortress has bled to death. That’s sad. My reign is ending quite morbidly.

Snatcher! Protect the children! It’s already running away. It didn’t get hurt by any traps or my war dogs. WTF?!

FINISH! We made it through another year! Congratulations all around.

Some thoughts:

IMHO we could stand to have a bigger military. The underground caverns are ready to be explored but I think our current 10-ish military is probably not ready. With the defenses I added to the front gates, I think we’re ok for a while, but I’m not so sure on that count either.

We also don’t have a proper justice system. I left it alone.

The stockpiling areas and dwarf job alignments probably need tweaking. I did my best with the jobs but left the stockpiling alone for fear of messing stuff up.

Oh, as for my pet project, the dining hall, I leave that to my successors to finish properly. The side rooms are for kitchens, stockpiles, etc, and the main dining room itself has 2 main levels and room for some upper levels as well. My tomb is on the bottom-most level and since I’m about to become a noble (hurray?) I humbly request my deluxe living quarters be somewhat nearby.

All in all things are going great! Almost all the dwarves are happy if not ecstatic. The cook regularly creates masterpieces. There seem to be no glaring problems in the fortress. If this humble newb could manage to keep things in line, I trust the next leaders of this great society will lead us to even further glory. Without further ado, the pics and save file:


The Save Record: