The SDMB (or other sites) in Smurf

Ever wonder what the internet would be like if it were
the intersmurfnet ? Well now is your chance to find out here.

This is about as Mundane and pointless as it gets folks !

I can’t bear to see Smurfs anymore.

Ask thinksnow why that is.

Hehe. I know nothink! Nothink!


Yes think, yes ! Come on tell please.

BTW the LIONsob went to the site and entered straightdope’s url, then he told me I was evil. Something about having the words smurfalicious, smufette and smurf show up on the front page and through the messages was just wrong in his eyes. It’s not my fault, I didn’t make the site I only reported on it.

Does that make me evil ? Well does it ?

Yes :smiley:

Come on, you know you were asking for it :slight_smile: