The SDMB Yearbook

“The Dave-Guy”, “Dave Woo”

Class of 1999, 3,000+ posts
MPSIMS, IHMO, GQ pest control questions, GD 1999, 2000, Pit 2002, '03.
Teemings contributor, 2002.
“Board Flirt”
Memorable Moments: NYC MegaDopeFest '02, '03, NYRenFaireDopeFest, '02.
Best Threads “Scotticher Appreciation Thread”, 2002.

Sig: “You, dear Dave, are a God.” Persephone, in a private email.

“Sdj”, “Soup”

Class of 2001, just shy of 1000 posts
Great Debates, IMHO, MPSIMS, Cafe Society, The BBQ Pit

“Who’s that?”

Class of 2002, couple hundred posts

MPSIMS, Cafe Society, GD, GQ, IMHO, The Pit

Favorite Quote [/i} How does this coding stuff work again? [/b[

“'punha”, “iam” (c. June/July 2000), “iampuhna”, “iamthepuna”, “ipanema”, “iampunya”, “'pun”

Class of 2000

Voted Most Likely to Post

Heavy SIMS and Pitter, light IMHO, less than ten CS posts, very light GD/GQ.

Current Sig:

  1. "the notion that someone might have committments on fucking thanksgiving is not the sort of cultural anthropology it takes Claude Levi-Strauss to do for you.

  2. Fiancee and her ring.


Class of “God was it that long ago?” MPSIMS, Cafe Society and the rare excursion into the Pit

Teemings editor, Disney Shorts website creator, Mailbag author

Best threads and memorable moments : “I Feel So Bad Right Now” and “You Didn’t Even Know Her Name”

Quote : “Still not king.”


Class of 2002

Known for nothing, remembered for nothing, known by abosolutley nobody.

Sig: Look Down.


Class of 2001, +/- 1250 posts
MPSIMS, IMHO, Pit Poster
Found most often in amusing threads, threads with cats in the title, and reading threads about Baltimore (although not participating in them at press time.)

Voted Most Likely To Get Caught Reading the Board on Office Time

Memorable Moments: Drinks with **Billdo, Slainte, & sidle, ** and dinner with Eve, Mjollner, Slainte, & sidle.

Sig: “Any movie that has ‘wocka-chicka-wocka’ in it is ok by me!” - MST3K
That’s TELEKINESIS, Kyle! - Tenacious D
Go see my boyfriend’s commercial!

**Shirley Ujest **

"Thread Killer "

Class of 1999


4500+ posts of absolutely nothing

Most Memorable Thread: The Menstrual Cup

Greatest Contribution to SDMB: Hijacking.

Motto: Her only flair is in her nostrils.

Class of 2000
Nicknames – Sub, That guy who knows about Japanese porn
Haunts – GQ, CS, IMHO, MPSIMS, Pit
Longest Thread Started – Wiping: Sit or Stand?

“Spoofe” “Where’d the Bo Diddly go?”

Class of 2000, a handful of posts
The Pit, Cafe Society, MPSIMS, IMHO, GQ, GD
SDMB Chick Tract Parody Artist, “Doper With The Most Disgusting Personal Habits” a la the TMI thread
Memoral Moments: The description of Mormon procreation
Best Threads: The Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer thread (in Threadspotting, had to be closed due to length)

Class of 2001
Just over 1000, then the boards crashed, now just shy of 1000.
IMHO, MPSIMS, Cafe Society, The Pit.
Memorable Moments: Ladyfoxfyre vs. KayKay
Nicknames: Foxy, ladyfox
Clubs: SpringsFest '03, (aka the smallest dopefest ever), Cool Username Club.
Teemings Contributor, “Cereal Celebrities - The Real Story”
Sign-off: -foxy

Drive-by Poster

Class of 2002
600 posts (give or take)
Haunts: MPSIMS, IMHO, GQ (Webby and History)
Most Memorable Thread: help there’s a gorgeous girl after me!

What people say: “Heroes!” Coldfire (Re: Milk & Cornflakes Shenanigans in ever recognize someone from online porn? )

Most Likely to say:

"Bloody ex-colonials!"

FCM, Rue’s #1 Special Friend

Class of 2000, 5000+ Posts
MPSIMS, IMHO, Pit, CS, but never in GD

First post: Thread
“Most Likely to Attend a DopeFest by Proxy”
Sig: Clean mind, clean body - take your pick.

Michael Ellis
“Michael Ellis”

Class of 2001, 2200+ posts
MPSIMS, IHMO, BBQ Pit, CS, GD, GQ, and once or twice ATMB
Second Official Rant Master of The Happy Fun Squad
Hopeful Teemings contributor, 2003.
Memorable Moments: A calm, rational discource on the “Click the Monkey” banners,
An utterly horrible joke.
Current Sig: “Michael Ellis – Australian For Beer”

*“Most likely to be least likely to be most likely to do anything.”

Shirley Ujest likes me.

Gorgon Heap
Class of 2001

No forums that make me think.

Memorable Moments: What DaveW007 said. Plus beer.

Future plans: Create a genetically superior hampster.

“LoW” “Wry”
Most Likely To Admit To Making a Fool of Herself"
Class of 2000; 1100 posts, give or take
Memorable Moments: “It’s Like This, Doc” and “Stupid Things I Have Done To Myself”
** Sig:** “I’m in aromatherapy - once a week I tell all my problems to a scented candle.”

vivalostwages, aka Too many corruptions to count ( vivamissingmoney, badelvismoviepun, to name only two).

Class of 2001 and bound determined to make it to 2000 posts before spring is over

Very few posts in GD or GQ, excessive #s of posts in IMHO, MPSIMS, and especially in CS (an egregious number of Trek-related nonsensical things); never been Pitted or Pitted anyone except in OpalCat’s Pit parody pile-on and meltdown thread. My Pit about wanting bigger fatter noodles in my soup was not really a rant.

Most replies to any of my threads: a mere 100 (You Can Watch the Movie–Except for One Scene)

Where I can be found most often these days: posting alphabetically in the MPSIMS “a” thread that Klaatu started

SIG: see below

Class of 2001

3000+ posts, shifting to MPSIMS the longer I’ve been out of college.

Most Likely to Delete a Post rather then Post it.
Memorable Thread: Scary Bedroom Experiment (lost in the Winter of out Missed Content)
Not a member of the following clubs: Welcomed by Cecil, Pitted, Considered for a Moderator Post.

“No nickname needed when your name’s one syllable long”

Class of 1999
Recently reached 2,000 posts

Almost all IMHO, MPSIMS, CS, with a rare foray into GQ, GD and the Pit
Currently seen most often in: A Cricket World Cup (45 posts and counting!)

Most memorable moment: “J. Dean Tyler’s Church of Circumscientology”

Current sig: see below

“Trip”, “who?”
Class of 2000

Memorable Moments: “I. . . have made fire!!” PorkDope '02. Fighting with lurkernomore at NYC Dope '00.

Voted: Most likely to invade a third world country before turning 30. Most likely to freeze off ass as most remote Doper.

Also voted “most clueless on many glurgle posts”.