The Seattle Mariners and Rally Fries

I’m forcing myself to watch this assemblage of worthlessness and I notice they haven’t been giving out Rally Fries during this first home stand. Has this practice been discontinued?

If so, they should reverse their decision; maybe THAT would help this unspeakably bad team WIN a game. If they do’t do something, their season will be over by the end of April. I hope Eric Wedge isn’t surprised at how much he has his work cut out for him, coming in to take over a team that lost 101 games last year.

This year it’s the same old thing: good pitching and no run support. I wonder when the pitchers are going to start looking for a way off this team, and who can blame them?

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And don’t forget suspect defense. Considering the Mariners really didn’t anything over the off-season to improve themselves, I get the impression they decided early on to write this season off.

I also noticed nothing about the rally fries. Maybe it’s because they really haven’t had any rallies? Either that or the Mariners got complaints about using a large serving of a high fat and calorie food as a promotion.

I think the purpose of rally fries is to create rallies, not celebrate them.

That said, if the practice is discontinued, I’m glad. I’m a Mariners fan, but always found all their fan reach-out stuff to be strangely infuriating. I just want a better product on the field; I don’t care about rally fries or which freakin’ color hydroplane wins the inter-inning race.

I dunno, someone tagged a Twitter post with #mariners the other day that said they were “enjoying rally fries and watching the Mariners” but perhaps they were lying or just consider any french fries eaten while thinking about the Mariners to be “rally fries” :slight_smile:

I believe the “rally fries” are just the same garlic fries that are sold normally in the stadium, and they just get called “rally fries” (by the club) when they’re given away for the promotion. It wouldn’t be too surprising for fans to start using it as the generic term for those fries.
On a side note, anybody else dislike this increasingly-frequent misuse of the word “enjoy”? The worst instance I saw was in the cooking instructions for a frozen pizza, which finished with, “Pizza will be very hot when it comes out of the oven. Let stand for a few minutes before enjoying.” :dubious:

2 and 7. Sigh.

I know the Mariners were going to be bad this season, I just hoped it would be later.

I guess if you’re going to lose hope, lose it in the beginning.

Amen, brother! What if I want to despise my frozen pizza? Eating is a perfectly good verb.

Totally tangent territory of course, but what about this usage:

IANA Constitutional scholar, but I do believe that the current consensus understanding of that is that as long as you promise to find the experience mediocre at best, impeachment doesn’t disqualify you merely to hold office in the future.