the Second Coming of Victor French or....

Saddam Hussein has been found!

Yay me for finding a relevant way to post this in the Cafe!


Oh my God, FriarTed…and here I was thinking that I was the only one who noted the resemblance between Saddam and French! I had a flashback to Mr. Edwards:

“Get out of the way for old Dan Tucker
He’s too late to get his supper…”

Now it’ll have to be rewritten for Saddam.

High Five to Vivalostwages!

“Old Saddam just stands there lookinnnn’!”

My first thought was another arrest for Nick Nolte.

I did like what Don Imus said on his show this morning. He said Sunday morning he was watching This Week with George Stephanopolous with the sound muted, when the picture of Saddam popped up. Imus said he wondered why his brother Fred was on TV.

Sorry I can’t find a good picture to link to.

“…combed his hair with a wagon wheel…”

Hey, I don’t even need to change that line. :smiley:

Hell, he looks like a cross between French, Castro and Gandolf.

I think Osama’s hiding in his beard!