The Second Stone is a piece of shit

In yet another thread inspired by the Ray Rice insight, we get an unexpected glimpse into the mind of The Second Stone. I recommend barf bags:

(bolding mine)

The Second Stone, when you find yourself typing out all these posts to fervently defend a man who knocked his fiance unconscious, it might be time to reevaluate your priorities. Or, barring that, get a tattoo on your forehead that says “irredeemable piece of shit” so people have fair warning to stay far away from you.

He threw a punch without hie weight behind it. I was her own damn fault that she was too weak to remain conscious. Bitches need to learn not to have glass jaws.

I suppose, at perhaps some miniscule few points in human history, a man may have knocked out a woman with a punch with reasonable justification. This was not one of those cases. Second Stone, you didn’t just happen to stumble across one of those extremely rare situations in which punching a woman with knockout force is the appropriate action.

Pitting endorsed.

Wow. Just wow.


Good for Ray. A knockout punch is the appropriate response to genocide.

Weak pitting, mostly quotes. Try harder. Vinyl Turnip did better with less plagiarism and an economy of words that don’t come off looking lazy.

I realize my interpretation of the video is unpopular, but I calls 'em like I see 'em. The video I saw definitely had her starting fisticuffs she had no business starting, and him finishing them. Where I come from, if you start throwing punches, you’d better be prepared to take a few.

Now excuse me while I go flush myself down the toilet three times. It’s a long way to Giraffe’s kitchen.

Excellent pitting for a domestic-abuser apologist. OP doesn’t need to say much when the pittee’s words say it all.

How many ways is TSS a piece of shit? Shall we count them? Wasn’t there some other thing a while back that I can’t remember because vodka?

You are the one defending this woman’s attack as deserving no defense at all.

Are you Pitting The Second Stone because he represents anyone who defends Ray Rice just on the principle that anyone who defends Ray Rice is an “irredeemable piece of shit”?

Or is it because The Second Stone stopped to explain his opinion several times?

Or something else?

Quotes of your posts. When people are reading what you wrote and deciding you’re an asshole, it’s the strongest pitting of all.


Giraffe and Ivory are largely psychologically projecting their own moral failings on me. Not that I don’t have my own moral failings. You don’t hit someone else, and if you do, you can, with normal human reactions, expect that you might get hit back.

There is in fact a legal defense to striking someone else, and that is self-defense. What Giraffe and Ivory are fighting hard for is the position that no man should ever be allowed to assert self-defense when attacked by their female partner. I disagree. The video I linked to shows an incident where the man had a swing taken at him, he retreated as far as he could, was advanced upon and swung on again, and then he threw a punch.

You do not corner an attacked living thing and attack. It is most unwise. It cannot flee. It can do nothing, it can show submission or it can fight. The most likely outcome is to fight.

Those biological facts might made me undigested food, bacteria and dead human cells, but they are still biological facts.
Take a look at this video:

I am limiting my comments to Ray Rice. Why are you globalizing my situational specific words?

At least Ray Rice has publicly apologized for hitting a woman, whether he’s sincere or not. The Second Stone is publicly defending and excusing him for doing the knock-out punch.

Believe it or not, but I think we’ve found a more loathsome piece of crap than Ray Rice.

'Cuz this is the Pit and it’s fun.

Now, that is worthy of the Pit. A nice zinger turning the tables.

Happy Lenderyedder thinks that having an opinion is worse than than hitting your wife and apologizing. That is really poor judgment, but considering the source, entirely predictable.

Yanno, I was going to comment on that. I think the strongest pittings I’ve ever seen is where the guest of honor basically hangs themselves. In this case, I believe he’s deployed a firing squad as well.

A circular one!

And I disagree about a pitting being only quotes. Using mostly quotes can be an effective counter-argument, but a pitting should have insults, originality and a poetic zing. Like post # 5, which had all of those.