The secret behind "Lost" - Speculation NOT spoilers


Okay, so I’ve seen this show maybe a handful of times. I saw the first episode when they reran it, and have gotten interested in it. Yet, I’m the type of viewer that thinks snarky, snide MST3K comments alongside the show. Yeah, I know it’s “just a television show” but I can’t help thinking (for example) that if these people have been marooned on an island for (as one character last night remarked) “a couple of weeks now”, all the scantily clad women have remarkably hairless legs and underarms. (This occured to me last night while the bank robber chick was disrobing to go swimming.) And while the guys are all sprouting facial hair, I keep thinking they ought to have a lot thicker beards after two weeks without shaving. And that southern creep (the guy who kept trying to bust open the briefcase), has remarkable washboard abs for someone who hasn’t gotten to a gym for half of a month.

Anyway, I think I’ve seen enough of this show to hypothesize a theory about the big mystery about the island. Alas, it’s going to turn out to be that hoariest of all “surprise twists” – they’re all dead.

Yep, they all died in the plane crash. The island is purgatory. As we are learning through all the flashbacks, all of these folks have morally questionable pasts. None of them would get to go straight to Heaven. OTOH, none of them are so thoroughly evil that they would be automatically tossed into the great BBQ pit to roast for all eternity. My guess is that the island is a sort of “halfway house” in which they are being one last chance to redeem themselves before their fates are decided.

Some indicators I think suggest this:

The setting & title of the show is a pun. They’re on a tropical island “paradise”, but they’re “lost.” “paradise”…“lost” eh? eh???

The lady who keeps insisting her husband is alive. “He’s not dead!” she says over and over. “Sooner or later, we’ll be reunited.” I think she knows more than she’s letting on - she knows that if her husband died in the crash he would be on the island. She’s a guardian angel, someone there to deliberately urge the castaways to be selfless, heroic, and get into heaven.

The French radio message is IMO an homage to Jean Cocteau’s movie “Orphee”. In this (french) movie, the angel of death (a woman) communicating with the afterlife via a short-wave radio. Death’s messages sound like goobledegook to the living. Kind of like the message the castaways keep receiving.

The unseen monster is similar to the “id” monster from “Forbidden Planet.” It is the living personification of their collective bad karma. It’s a demon they have to conquer in order to move onto the next world.

The polar bear - ehh, I don’t know about this one. But it’s incongruity on a tropical island suggests a supernatural element.

So, as I said, I’ve missed several episodes, so there could be holes in my theory that I don’t even know about. But I think it’s a workable theory so far. What do you think?

I sure hope that is not what it turns out to be. It’s too easy.

What about the Pilot who was killed after the crash? What about the girl who drowned, days after the crash? Why would they be in “purgatory”, and then die?

Considering everyone and their brother has proposed the “They’re really dead” hypothesis, it wouldn’t really be that big of a twist.

There really aren’t any flaws in your theory other than I would hope the writers wouldn’t resort to such a cliched resolution.

It wasn’t an accident. Bum Bum Buuuuummmmm.

They did, of course, find some luggage after the crash. It’s certainly plausible, IMO, that one or more of these pieces of luggage had razors in them, and that the women have used them to shave their underarms and/or legs in periods of time not shown in the show. Then again, maybe they just all got really good waxings before they boarded the plane. :wink:

Interesting theory on the show, though. There are so many possibilities in this show. I think that’s what’s keeping us all so interested.

Maybe it’s a dream of purgatory. They’re really all asleep and having nightmares on one of those 20 hour pacific flights. They are going to wake up, walk into the bathroom, and find Bobby Ewing in the shower.

And then the REAL nightmare begins…

Shannon’s rich, she’s likely had laser hair removal. The same thing could apply to Sun. That leaves at least a few more razors for the rest of them.
I think that the writers/producers have pooh-poohed the “purgatory” theory, which (sorry, Art) has been theorized by many since the beginning of the show.

I think it’ll turn out to be something along the lines of a Philip K. Dick novel. Their island reality (and possibly their memories) will turn out to be artificial constructs.

The writers have shown themselves to be pretty adept at working some pretty subtle stuff into the network television formula – I don’t see them basing the entire concept of the show around such a sophomoric and hackneyed idea as “they’re in purgatory.”