The Sexiest Food/Drink

I know, how can a drink be sexy? I’m talking about something so decadent, so good, so overwhelming you feel naughty just sipping it.

Over at my step-mom’s house, my step-brother (he drives limos for a living, and knows how to stock a bar) served me this shot of strawberry tequila.

Big deal, you say? How about serving it in a shot glass made out of chocolate?

Yes, I had a shot of strawberry tequila in a chocolate shot glass.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

What food/drink gets your toes curling (and don’t say oysters. Be creative.)

Heh. I was going to say oysters. Such a decadent taste!

Godiva liquour is pretty sinful. Thai iced tea is right up there.

For food, I find sushi very sexy, particularly really fresh fatty tuna nigiri and intricately-crafted rolls. Also fresh fruit paired with cheese, and these Choco-hot-pot dessert ramekins I learned how to make from Nigella Lawson.

Really good bourbon, served neat.

Ripe, drippy mangoes.

A lovely filet mignon, cooked medium. Not too much meat you feel bloated, just a small enough cut to satisfy.


Malibu coconut rum over ice is so sinfully delightful, it’s hard to think of resisting anything.

A White Russian (not out of a bottle, mix it yourself) is pretty darn luscious. If that’s not enough, add a little creme de menthe.

Ripe native strawberries.

One of the only good things in life I’ve found that isn’t either illegal, immoral or fattening.

I have to derail the sexy drink topic further and say that I once had a dish of green tea ice cream at a sushi place that




It was probably my sexiest food experience (aside from actual food/sex experiences I’ve had :eek: )

A single strawberry I was once given by a man called Book.

There’s a restaurant called La Fondue in Saratoga, CA that’s really fantastic. The decor is like an elaborate stage production of Midsummer Night’s Dream and Arabian Knights combined. As sumptuous as the building is, the food is even more lavish. You choose from a list of fondue (that’s the cheese-based dipping sauce if you don’t know), like wild mushroom or garlic and onion, and another list of dipping items, like duck, buffalo, little pickled onions, all sorts of stuff. Even the salad was awesome, and I’m normally one to try to hide my salad under a napkin.

The downsides are it’s very expensive, and very busy. You have to reserve a table several weeks in advance, or take your chances standing around and getting lucky.

Christ, this is the worst hijack I’ve seen in ages. The OP said drink! I’d say a shot of tequila out of Jessica Alba’s navel, and I don’t even care for tequila that much.

The OP said food/drink. In any case I can’t understand how a food or drink could be sexy and have never gotten this connection - but like I said in the thread about knockout fantasies, anything goes for sexuality.

Just what I came in here to say!

Sorry, I must have missed that last sentence. In that case, licking whipped cream off of Jessica Alba’s nipples.

I think for purposes of this thread you might wanna keep miss Alba out of it, I cant think of anything I wouldnt lick or drink off of that woman and consider it anything ofther than insanley sexy.

rum and coke, real rum, none of that meyers crap, none of that foo foo spiced crap, and fucking COKE, not pepsi and dear god ladies will you WARN A GUY when you hand him a diet coke and rum…Bacardi Anejo or 8 are both good choices.

I should ask the mods to change the title.

AskNott, if you like Malibu coconut rum, try San Tropique . I find it a much smoother taste, and sipping it out of a wine glass over ice…you can hear the steel drums and feed the tradewinds caressing your skin…

I’d drink sulfuric acid out of Jessica Alba’s navel.

of course, her navel and navel area would probably have to be made out of glass, but hell, I’d do it.

What about if we get one of them beefy Blendtec blenders and just blend Jessica Alba up and drink her? Of course, there’d be a small supply of it, but that’d win us the thread.

There was this duck I had in Burlington, VT. A lot of the restaurants there have close connections with local suppliers, and it was just really, oh my god, revelatory. The whole meal was amazing but that beautiful bird. Wow. The textures involved were what made it completely sensuous.

For the beverages, I’m working on my appreciation for single malts (slowly, need to spend more money) and that definitely falls into a sexy category for me. More of a drag you off and screw your brains out sexy, but hey.