The "Sexy (fill-in-the-blank) Halloween costume" has gotten more than a bit silly

First, there was the “sexy nurse” Halloween costume. Understandably, it was a hit. So there naturally followed spinoffs - the “sexy schoolteacher”, the “sexy witch.” After all, why just be Batgirl for Halloween, when you could be a sexy Batgirl? Why just be “Freddie Krueger”, when you could be a sexy Freddie Kru-

SCREEEEEECH! (simulated sound of a record needle abruptly skidding off the Lp.)


IMO, that strikes me as being an oxymoron of the first order - like “military intelligence” or “luxury studio apartment.” I understand what the words mean, but when strung together, they just make no sense. Freddie Krueger simply shouldn’t be ‘sexy,’ he should be carving up sexy babes with his razor-claws.

Just sayin’.


All Batgirls are sexy.

Ha! All three sizes of that Freddy costume are sold out!

Under-friggin-standably, I might add. :wink:

It was quite safe for my work. But I didnt “listen” to it.

Oh my! That youtube clip made me laugh so hard. Last time I dressed up I dressed up as a SEXY! Dolly Parton - I’ve got the boobies!

She can come in my dreams anytime :cool:

That last ad I saw was for a ‘Sexy’ Alice in Wonderland. Nice. What really gets me hot is pre-pubescent girls in THIGH HIGH STOCKINGS:rolleyes:

I must admit that I really laughed at the ‘Sexy Mustard’ costume.

I’m your boyfriend now!

Photos needed.

The people who made the costume are obviously doing Krueger’s work: not only do they ensure that Freddie isn’t forgotten, they also add to the ranks of his preferred prey.

The other day at work, I saw we had for sale a sexy nun costume. I work at freakin’ W-Mart!

Who doesn’t want to be a Sexy 1900s Steel Tycoon for Halloween?

So I guess no one wants to hear about my sexy Jesus costume? :frowning:

I was Alice this year (pre-Halloween party). I tried to de-slut it a bit by going with regular stockings instead of the thigh highs. Anyway - that costume is definitely not for the pre-pubescent set.

I like the ridiculous ones, like the Sexy Mustard or Sexy Umpire. I was a Sexy Pumpkin once.

I agree; sexiness as expressed by apparel goes back to the beginning of the superheroine genre.

Well, OK, maybe not back to Brunnhilde with the horns and all, but certainly back as far as Supergirl and Mary Marvel.

Now I want to be a Sexy Tsetse Fly.

Hubba hubba! :smiley: