The Shitcom: An American Tragedy

The Shitcom is a terrible, horrible, unfunny, poorly acted, half-hour sitcom that runs and runs and runs – often with high ratings – because it is placed in an unbelievably favorable schedule position. Basically, a Shitcom can be as bad as it wants to be, but people will still watch it, whether from pure inertia or from the fear of missing the first few minutes of a good show.

"Caroline in the Cit"y was a classic shitcom. It blew donkeys, but by being placed between “Seinfeld” and “ER,” it lived out several painful, boring years on NBC. Some may remember an even shittier Shitcom in the same timeslot, “The Single Guy.” It ran a baffling and astounding (not to mention unfunny) two years. Other Shitcoms in the same timeslot included the dreadful “Veronica’s Closet” and the merely insipid "Suddenly Susan. "

I’m noticing that “Lost” is now preceded by a Shitcom, “Freddie.” This show is so bad I die a little inside each time I realize that it has not yet been canceled. And then I die a little extra each time Brian Austin Green opens his 90210-refugee mouth. And then I die again, when I realize there are still 28 minutes left, and I’m going to watch the whole thing.

Let’s talk about Shitcoms, past, present, and future. Remember, a Shitcom doesn’t merely suck. It always precedes a very popular show that props it up well past its useful lifespan.

In case discussion lags, consider these questions:
-If you could go back in time and remove one Shitcom from history, which would it be, and why?
-Do you feel dirty and/or used after watching a Shitcom? Explain.
-If you had to line them up from best to worst (or, if you prefer, from worst to worstiest), how would you rate the Seinfeld-ER Shitcoms?

As to your last point:

Are you saying that Seinfeld and ER are both shitcoms, or am I missing something?

I saw a little of Joey tonight, and I think it fits your bill. It has the added bonus of being a spinoff of another bland show that lasted way too long that exists because the fans can be counted on not to go away and because the lead actor can’t get any other work.

The archetype must be “Gimme a Break.” Horrible, horrible show. Nell Carter was terrible. The fat cop was terrible. The skinny nerdy cop was terrible. Grandpa was terrible. All of the kids were terrible, and when the terrible kids got too old, damn if the producers didn’t out-terrible themselves with not one but two Lawrence brothers.

Yet GAB hung on for years in a prime Thursday night NBC spot, nestled amongst such programs as “Cheers,” “The Cosby Show,” “Night Court” and “L.A. Law” like a turd in tissue paper.

Ah, once again we see the beauty of Tivo. No more shitcoms, cause we time-shift everything.

No, I’m speaking of the wretched programming that came between them.

PS great example, Otto.

He means the shitcoms between Seinfeld and ER.

I’d say Yes, Dear fits the bill.

That utterly worthless thing after The Simpsons now, The War At Home. The daughter is hot, but she’s nowhere near hot enough to make the show worth watching. No woman yet born is, actually.

Every time Everybody Loves Raymond comes on I want to throw up/cry. I feel like it’s some sort of joke being played on me. The audience is in hysterics (is there one? Whatever, the canned laughter operator), it won a ton of prizes, but it might as well be in a different language, to me.

Just wanted to say- I really enjoyed The Single Guy and Veronica’s Closet, and I didn’t mind Caroline in the City and Suddenly Susan.

Perfect example, that loathesome, unoriginal, unfunny Married With Children ripoff. Not to beat a dead horse, but if Fox had scheduled Arrested Development in that time slot between Simpsons and Family Guy, it could have won over new fans and bolstered enough ratings to keep it around even longer.

I think all of ABC’s TGIF lineup somehow synergized into a massive shitcom pile that persisted for years despite not having any strong supporting shows. I don’t know how that happened, but I’ll pay for an exorcist to make sure it never happens again.

All I can say is, I’m very sorry about the industrial accident that amputated your taste. :smiley: I kid because I love!

BBVL gets super bonus points for naming a Shitcom that lives on at the expense of a much worthier (better written, better acted, more original, overall funnier) show that got cancelled.

What does “Yes, Dear” come before? I think I’ve only seen it as daytime TV (it is certainly an excercise in mediocrity from what I’ve seen, but there are ruleshere, this isn’t 'Nam).

Would the Simpsons count? It was once great, yes, but it has held on for years on nothing more than the inertia from those 10 or so years of brilliance and has since been eclipsed quality wise by many other shows.

Criminal Minds, Wednesdays on CBS.

I will not stand idly by and watch you demoize the best show to ever grace primetime TV. That show being, of course, Perfect Strangers. Imagine the poor citizend of Milosh, who had nothing but this amazing show to bolster their ocuntries image! And that theme song! No other song ever performed could instill one with such a sense of awe.

You sir, have defaced a national treasure, and have earned my contemp for all time.

Everybody Loves Raymond is about the best written sitcoms on TV right now.

The Single Guy was science-fiction bad; it was *Three’s Company *bad.

You mean now that it’s canceled?

What hit show preceded it and what one followed it? Oh, it WAS the hit show? Not a shitcom (as defined in the OP), then, no matter what you thought of it.

[sub]can no one read OPs anymore?[/sub]

Oh. See? I only ever watched it in reruns, didn’t know it was over.