The shocking sex life of the penguin

Or at least the Adelie penguin. I’m still not convinced this whole thing isn’t a gag. How for instance can a penguin commit sodomy if it doesn’t have a dick? The article says that the report was written in 1915 by a scientist attached to Scott’s Antarctic expedition and has been buried until now, proving too shocking for Edwardian sensibilities.

A few sample paragraphs:

I have to say that if this isn’t a gag I shall look on penguins in an entirely different light. :slight_smile:

“No I didn’t! I just had ice cream!”

Sodomy used to be used for ANY sex that wasn’t penis-in-vagina, that is, oral sex was also considered sodomy.

I read a commentary on it. Apparently, a dead female penguin looks similar to a sexually willing one - laying, with slightly open eyes.

And personally, big meh - the animal kingdom is hot human, and doesn’t have the same taboos and hangups.

So that’s what happened to Manfredi and Johnson.

You may want to avoid how

ducks rape their mates

They should kick them perverts out of the zoo!

I was wondering how a bird can commit sodomy upon another bird, since there’s no, um, back door, on a bird. But on re-reading, it’s a translation from Greek. I assume the original Greek word didn’t imply any particular orifice.

I’m pretty sure the word “sodomy” comes from Hebrew, not Greek.

Wait, what?

Does gay panguin sex count as sodomy?

Obligatory Robot Chicken video:

If he means penguin oral sex, that’s even worse! :eek:

Nasty sharp beaks, they’ve got!</Feldman>

“It’s just ice cream”

It does sound shocking, but one really can’t apply human standards to animals.

On a side note, I’ve seen little blue penguins (or fairy penguins, if you prefer) in their natural habitat. They live in Australia, where I live, so you get them sometimes. They’re so cute:D

Not just the beaks - it’s what’s inside the beaks :eek:

I’d like to repeat that. Wait, what? Penguins don’t have dicks?

Do I have to talk about the cloacal kiss here? DO I? Or will you trust me when I tell you that you probably don’t want to know about this?

But…but…ducks have dicks! I’ve seen scary pictures of duck dicks! Which birds have dicks? Is there any rule of thumb here, or do I have to google the whole gaggle?

The Daily Show Samantha Bee on gay penguins at the Central Park Zoo

I love the alliteration: flightless felchers, buffet of bird buggery

And my favorite, calling chinstrap penguins, “strap on penguins”