The shortest of rants for the shortest of months (mini rants)

Okay that’s brilliant, thanks! never noticed that before and I thought I knew all the tips and tricks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It bugs me when I’m reading rants and suddenly the thread is all about dead or dying pets. I’d really like it if pet posts had their own rant threads so I could avoid reading them. (I currently have two 14-year-old dogs and I’m in denial about their mortality.)


But this has always devolved into the mini-rants-and-sick-pets thread. Especially when we had flatlined and others with multiple sick cats (we had a couple of cat rescue folks, so I cut them some slack).

I’d try to skim past all the feline diabetes and diarrhea and death, but since I LOVE hearing y’all’s rants, I couldn’t quit the thread.

I’ve requested a separate Pets Thread in the past, but being currently pet-less*, I felt like I shouldn’t start it. Anyone up for starting one? (Here, or MPSIMS? I guess here if it’s Pet Rants).

*We lost both our dogs a year ago… but with all the cat diseases here at the time, I didn’t want to add to the tragedies.

I miss @flatlined. I wish she’d come back.

I’ve been known to post rants in anger and frustration at people who dump kittens on my doorstep, so I’ll take this on. I don’t mind seeing the sick pets stories even though they make me sad but I can see how others might not be in a good place to read those.

Good, I was whipping up a rant about my neighbor and their dogs - they’re really starting to piss me off lately and I don’t know if I’m being irrational or not.

Thanks, that’s wonderful of you. If you’re stuck for a title, I often say I’m one of those people who prefer pets to people.

If you want to include good as well as bad news…

Thank you!

Since last November, I have been seeing my daughter’s godmother (widowed about 19 years ago), and forming a relationship with her. Last Wednesday, she went to the doctor for a procedure, and the doctor required a COVID test. Later that evening I brought her back to my apartment for dinner and a sleepover. Friday, afternoon, about two hours into my workday, I got a text from her, so I took my break and called her up.

Her COVID test had come back positive.

I immediately notified my supervisor, who sent me home. On the way, I went to a testing site and had my own test done right away. It came back negative the following morning, but I still had to wait until Monday to hear back from Occupational Health. Occupational Health called today, learned that I’m displaying no symptoms, and promised to follow up with me on March 5. Until then, I’m not to come in.

Thank god I have lots of annual leave in my bank.

My husband. The guy works hard, and I appreciate it. But he is so slow. It took him forever to put together the 2020 tax forms for his business and because he needs to drop them off at the last minute, I’m going to be an hour late for work Thursday. The absolute last thing I need because I’ve been struggling so hard with ADHD that I’ve had to work extra hard just to stay on top of things at work. It’s just one more thing that makes me look as incompetent as I feel.

Also, I’m depressed. I’m just depressed.

{{{{{{ spice weasel }}}}}}

So for slightly different reasons, but I think I know what you mean.

FWIW, my younger dear son has ordered a light box to be delivered to me in hopes it might help just a titch with the bit of depression creeping up on me. I’ll post here if it helps even a little. A little help would be nice. He’s a shrink and is doing it for himself too.

I think Amazon is messing with me.

In “Top Picks For You” they listed this:

I was impressed by the reviewer who said that thanks to the device, he was finally able to stop surfing the Internet and take up reading again.

Since this orgonite thingie is supposed to block EMF from cellphones, computers etc., I don’t think he had a choice.

Anyone remember my missing stretcher bar? I was whining to a friend about it a few weeks ago and she lent me a pair so I wouldn’t have to buy more.

Today I was digging through my oort bin (you know, the left over bits and pieces from past projects that were too good to throw away) and found THREE 16-inch stretcher bars. What sort of idiot puts an odd number of stretcher bars in the oort pile? What other stuff did that idiot put in the wrong bins. Jeeze louise!

You need to find Louise and straighten her the hell out, for your sake.

Bloody hell. Went into work to get my new computer. Had to create a new password for it. No problems, I save it all in my password manager that also generates passwords.

Except, damnit, I didn’t save it. I did write it down, but I left the notepad with it and my notes from a demonstration today AT work.


I’m hoping that the email I sent a coworker (a) didn’t bounce, (b) wasn’t caught in a spam filter, and (c ) reaches him. If he’s in the office tomorrow, I’m ok. Actually, I can call the office admin tomorrow, I’m pretty sure she’s in the office.

And my cats apparently missed me today, because they’re fighting and I haven’t even had dinner yet.

GAH!!! indeed. Sounds like you deserve a drink.

I’ve had a hard time with PTSD this week. Apparently Facebook has been keeping apprised of the situation because I got some advertisement shilling “Overcome your PTSD in three easy steps! Heal forever and never backslide again! Pay for my six - part webinar now! Professionals don’t know what they’re doing, listen to meeeeee!”

I’m so angry about this. Maybe I’m just extra aggro but this is the mental health equivalent of selling healing crystals to cancer patients. I’ve been living with this shit for twenty fucking years - sure, a lot of healing is possible, with time and a highly trained professional, and maybe for some it does go away forever, but for many of us, it’s just a fact of life.

It’s a blatant attempt to influence people new to the diagnosis and unsure what to do about it. What to do about it? See a trauma-informed medical professional who is specifically using evidence - based interventions. Do not buy Facebook webinars from people with no credentials.


For that matter, do not buy anything via Facebook click-through. I made that mistake once.

This. Exactly this.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is … !

Sorry your mental health issues are rearing their ugly heads. Mine are, too, for absolutely no good reason.