The SIH (Suffer in Hell) Thread

When someone really awful but also really famous dies, they get rightfully roasted in their RIP thread. But sometimes someone doesn’t quite breach the level of fame that earns a personal thread, and yet fully deserve a farewell laced with heat and the hope that they will burn in eternity.

Meet Bennett Braun, one of the main proponents and beneficiaries of Satanic panic psychiatry. I have provided a gift link below so you can see for yourself why he should be run over and dragged for several miles by Hell’s chariot, but a quote like this might also help explain it:

He persuaded one woman to have an abortion because, he convinced her, she was the product of ritualistic incest; he persuaded another to undergo tubal ligation to prevent having more children within her supposed cult.

Suffer in hell, you bastard.

Yah, fuck this guy. He and his ilk (think Pink Scare/McCarthy, Judge Hanthorne/Salem ) paved the way for crazy ass QANON-type shit by distracting from real issues and keeping the sheep scared and paranoid. Tell Pinhead I said hi, Benny. I hope your suffering is legendary (altho I don’t believe in an afterlife either lol).

My former girlfriend (with whom I’ve remained close friends) wound up hospitalized after a mental breakdown in 1989; she got caught up by a therapist who led her to bogus “recovered memories” about her parents being in a Satanic cult.

It all led to years of a miserable life, between the extensive therapy to un-do the damage, and the heartbreak of realizing she had deeply hurt her family, by making the unfounded allegations. She is finally happy once again, and is once again close to her family, but that bogus “therapy” essentially wiped out her 20s.

Yeah, fuck that guy.

See also: that real life Shutter Island doctor (how my mind stores him), and/or guy who said trepanning and EST and ice baths the ghosts outta their heads isn’t enough- we can get quicker compliance with a knitting needle thru the eye socket, straight in to the ole noodle. Take a page from the Egyptians (except make living zombies outta the survivors of our other tortures).

I don’t know if this qualifies: This guy was not at all famous/infamous, R. Westover, my long dead (may he rot burn and rot again… seriously). He was physically, and emotionally abusive to his patients and his staff. He damaged my jaw with inappropriate treatment; he had me wear a headgear that was much too tight. He wanted me to wear it 24 hours a day. I developed pretty serious TMJ. I know all this because of dental and orthodontic treatment I received as an adult to correct some of the damage. I developed periodontal disease because of him too.

I listened to him emotionally abuse his nurses, and other patients. every. single. appointment. That is when he wasn’t emotionally abusing me. I did not witness, but was told by a friend who was also a victi…patient of his, that he slapped one of the nurses. I believe it. I never saw her work there again afterwards.

At the end of my “treatment” only his wife worked for him and I shudder to think what hell that poor woman lived through day in day out. He was one vicious, self centered bastard. Fuck that guy.

Holy crap
I assume you meant your orthodontist. You skipped it.

Don’t even get me started on my speech therapist at 9-10 years old. I still wear those scars. Or rather , don’t speak those scars.

The atrocious things care givers can do to kids is just a crime, too many are not found out about. And can’t die too soon for my tastes.

Yeah, they might not recognize a couple thousand people going missing annually and winding up on the menu in Des Moines, but in a town like Oskaloosa, someone would notice.

Yep, sorry orthodontist. I’m sorry for your past trauma. Sometimes it sucks to be a kid. That time was tough on my dad. My parents didn’t know what was wrong because I would cry uncontrollably on the way there every time. I was an emotionally messed up kid which they’d been trying to address, and they didn’t know if was me or a real problem. They trusted the family dentist that sent me there, and I don’t think the dentist realize what was going on. It is a long convoluted story. For the purposes of this thread, I’m an Atheist, and I hope that bastard is rotting in hell.

Sounds like my Dentist as a kid.

Never been to one since.

I too had a sadistic childhood dentist. In my case, my parents knew what he was doing to me, and thought it was funny.

Other kids told their parents what he did to them, and their parents didn’t make them go back there. Not mine.

You should, despite it all. I’ve found that dental care is like paying taxes - you can avoid it for a long time, but it’ll eventually catch up to you, with interest.

I’m so sorry.

Another pit roasting.

What the hell is wrong with dentists? FWIW my dentist gave me a complementary blanket my first visit and provides a ceiling tv to snuggle in and watch netflix

I spent ten years not going to the dentist. When I finally went back, he was visibly angry that there was nothing wrong with my teeth other than a whole lot of plaque build-up.

(I go twice a year now, because no sense pushing my luck.)

I went for 12 years without going to a dentist until one of my molars crumbled and I found out I needed two root canals and eleven fillings. Apparently, I don’t experience dental pain, which is not necessarily a good thing.

It is a good thing, to me.

Years ago I went to a dentist to get a cavity filled. When he was giving me the Novocaine it hurt like hell, and when I started moaning he told me not to be such a baby, it couldn’t possibly hurt that much. Never went to him again, or to any other dentist, for at least five years.

When a toothache forced me to find a dentist I was a nervous wreck at the thought of going through that again. Before getting my shot, I got my gums swabbed with something that numbed them so the needle hardly hurt at all. Since then, I’ve had no problem going in for checkups, or even having dental work done.

Ah, I feel ya bud. I have had more fillings than I’ve had teeth. Not easy to find a good dentist.
It reminds me of that Steve Martin song, I’ll be a dentist.

I’ve had lots of dental problems that I’ve been told, mostly go back to that orthodontist: Orthodontia (twice), TMJ, cramping jaws, receding gums, periodontal disease, lost a couple of teeth because of this. I still go to the dentist if I have insurance. Care has gotten better and less painful over the years. Find a good, caring dentist and keep your mouth healthy.

My husband would not go to the dentist for decades (except for a tooth so bad it had to be extracted.) He finally had to have them all pulled out. Dentures are uncomfortable, expensive. just not as good as your own teeth. Implants would be better, but I don’t see where insurance is going to cover that, or it becoming affordable for the average person any time soon.
End of PSA. Oh, and I hope that guy and all the ones above SIH.