The SIH (Suffer in Hell) Thread

Teeth don’t heal. It’s what make them fundamentally different from all other bodily organs. If you have a problem with a tooth and you don’t feel it, you won’t have it fixed and it will only grow worse and worse. Being immune to dental pain may seem like a flex, but it can actually be a major problem.

My childhood dentist was actually decent…completely and utterly incompetent, it turns out, but otherwise not too bad. For what he did to my teeth though, I hope he’s not able to enjoy his retirement.

One of the hygienists was an absolute shitass though…and for some reason, she was the one who they always scheduled for children’s appointments. My teeth were never clean enough to suit her, and she railed loudly against my apparent lack of flossing (though she never bothered to show me the proper technique for either - I was in my 30s before I recognized how one should properly floss). And when the incompetent dentist mentioned above failed to properly repair all of my chipped teeth after an accident - leading to irreversible staining at the chipped areas - she loudly informed me how ugly my teeth looked. (I was in junior high at the time.)

Fuck you, Millie.

When I opened this thread, I was not expecting a conversation about dentists.

However, I hate going to the dentist, so I get it.

Be true to your teeth, and they’ll never be false to you!

I’m lucky to have had good luck with dentists. My previous dentist was a super sweet heart – competent and gentle. He retired, as did the friendly receptionist, and the remainers pushed cosmetic work and were snobby. I found another dentist only blocks from home, and he’s another sweetheart. Sounds like I’ve been lucky.

I worked at a museum, a historical site, and we often let people rent out part of the building for events. Once in a while we’d have a ghost hunter group rent the building and one of us would stay late while they roamed around looking for spirits or some other baloney. It made the museum a little extra scratch and the ghost groups were always respectful of the building.

At one event they had some sort of guest speaker who used to be a police officer here in Arkansas in the 1980s. As he went through his presentation, he said something like, “And then we had all those occult related crimes in the 80s…” and my bullshit meter was immediately pinging. No. We didn’t have a spate of occult related crimes in the 1980s. What we had was a moral panic with the public and authorities fightened about something that wasn’t real.

A lot of us laugh about it now, but this panic really hurt a lot of people.

I was expecting you to post that you and the crew rigged little speakers around to make ghostly sounds.

We did that for Halloween when we provided a haunted house experience. I’m not a big fan of ghost hunting in general and I hated it when visitors would ask me if the place was haunted, but like I said, the ghost hunters were always respectful of the building which is more than I can say for some other groups of visitors.

The model for Gordon Gecko, Ivan Boesky , has died, may that self-aggrandizing pig enjoy a balmy afterlife.

James Inhofe, all-around scumbag and climate change denier, has died. Gift link:

I hope he is mulched and fed to some plants, so that he can finally be of some kind of worth.

So those rumors about him and RFK Jr having a brain worm race are all scurrilous lies?

Many years ago my dad told a story about how Boesky would go to a restaurant and order a whole bunch of meals for himself, eat the few parts he liked, and have the rest thrown away. I don’t know whether it was true or not, but my dad grew up during the Great Depression and the idea of that kind of deliberate wastefulness offended his sensibilities even more than Boesky’s financial crimes.