The Simpsons, "Lisa's Wedding," and Martin Prince's Pipe Organ

Please pardon my posting, but I was wondering if anyone could help me identify a tune played on The Simpsons…specifically, **
[2F15] Lisa’s Wedding**, during the scene where a future version of Martin Prince is shown living like the Phantom of the Opera in a subbasement of the Elementary School, Martin starts playing a very…Jazzy tune on his Wurlitzer Pipe Organ. Does anyone know if this is a preexisting song that he’s “covering,” or was it written just for the episode?

Well, thanks for your time,

It’s the disco version of Beethoven’s Fifth. It was a popular record by Walter Murphy in 1976.

Do you mean “A Fifth Of Beethoven”? As found on the soundtrack to “Stayin’ Alive”? I don’t remember that part of the episode, but that’s the most probable modern location I can think of for that song.