The Simpsons - Overseas?

In alice in wonderland’s thread, M&M - A Single Girl’s Saviour, she said:

The end of that quote sounds like a Homerism to me.

Now I have to tell you that I am assuming alice is from Great Britain or parts European, purely from the spelling of “saviour” - I suppose she could be from Canada or something.

Anyway, my question: Do you non-Americans see The Simpsons on TV? If so, do you find it as funny as most of us do?

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Alice is from Canuck-land, and they get the Simpsons as much as we do down here in 'Merica. It’s on at least twice a night on the Canadian version of Comedy Central, plus any reruns coming across the border from U.S. stations.

I was in Bulgaria last December, and because of the wonders of cable tv, I was able to enjoy the Simpsons in German. I would have enjoyed it more if I knew German. (My how far communism has fallen.)

Homers’s voice was a very deep voice, and of course in German it was strange to me. He sounded to smart with that voice.

Ireland here and we get the Simpson’s on the following stations

Sky1 a British Satellite (Fox affiliate) which we get as part of our basic package in Dublin. 2-3 episodes a day sometimes more.

BBC2 - Brit - 2-3 episodes a week

Network 2 - Irish - 2-3 episodes a week

The Simpson’s are very popular over here with lines like

Hmmmmmm xxxxxx

etc becoming part of the language and almost universally recognized.

Best TV program EVER

I wonder if the guy who does German Homer also does German Grampa Simpson, German Barney, German Krusty, German Kodos, and even German Groundskeeper Willie with a Scotish accent in German.

My college roommate spent a semester in Mexico, living with a family in Guadalajara. He told me that the voices used for Patty & Selma were high pitched and they spoke really fast, sort of like an exciteable Charo. He said that most of the Patty & Selma jokes didn’t work as the voices don’t jibe with the rest of the character.

He didn’t mention how they handled Bumblebee Man.

Um, okay Mojo. I would think of Charo as being one of the most excitable people in the world. In fact, trying to think of someone more excitable than Charo is straining my brain.


I guess bumblebee man would have to speak portugese or some other language for it to work in a country like Mexico.

I remember I picked a few words in German (since forgotten) after seeing a Simpsons episode in Austria. It was the Preacher’s Daughter episode and I picked up words such as “butt” “fried chicken” and “church.” That should be enough to get by.

The Simpsons are shown in 60 countries currently. At least that’s what Groenig just said in an interview recently.

The Simpsons is shown in Spanish here in Panama. I haven’t seen an episode with Bumblebee man so I don’t know what he speaks here.

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<-------- I live here.

2 straight hours of Simpsons every weekend morning in Australia. And fewer commercials, so 5-6 episodes in exchange for getting out of bed at a reasonable hour… I miss that place.

The Simpsons has been big in Australia since 1989, or whenever it was that it started. Most people I know are familiar with the characters, catchphrases, and indeed scripts of entire episodes. Because Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world, the average Aussie suburbanite slob can identify very well with Springfield and its inhabitants.

I remember watching the show in Hong Kong, and wondering how much of the humour would be lost on the locals there. Would the suburban humour translate into HK’s ultra-densely populated high-rise lifestyle, and would the same personality types be evident? To me, the beauty of The Simpsons is its familiarity. Geez, I know guys like Moe, Mr Burns, Chief Wiggum, Apu, right here in Sydney. And I think they’re everywhere. That, to me, is the show’s hook.

The Simpsons DVD has what I assume are the foreign language soundtracks as they were shown in those foreign lands.

So like French. Oh man the woman that does Marge is terrible, I feel sorry for them. And what’s very funny is the episode where Bart goes to France everybody speaks French throughout the entire episode. Bart is speaking French when he’s complaining about not picking up French and after. They just put little notes on the screen explaining what’s going on and why people don’t understand each other. I’d get you some direct quotes from those notes but I don’t feel like it.

The Simpsons in Spanish:

I like how the voices sound, and the accent of whatever country’s doing the translation is not as strong as in other cartoons. Bumblebee man speaks with a strong Mexican accent.

Also, the jokes that are related to Fox are lost in the translation, you know there was something funny when now is just meaningless talk.

Heh heh. Im from Taiwan!! (and a thought runs through everyone’s brain… “Oh, NO! What if they don’t understand English?” Heh. Heh. (again.)

Whoops! I forgot about your question. No. There are no Simpsons back here. (doh)

My brother’s best friend in the states tapes them and gives them to us when we visit in the summer. (YES!)

So, if your wondering, I was born in Delaware. Lived in Pennsylvania till seventh grade, and moved here. (here means Taiwan.) My parents are diplomats…That should explain a lot!

If the Simpsons weren’t shown here in Ireland, I would have very little to say.

The Simpsons in popular in Brazil as well. I really hate stuff that is dubbed, luckily the channel I was watching it on had the SAP option so I could switch off the dubbing.