The Sims2 and baby stealing (this ever happen to you?)

For the second time, since I’ve been playing The Sims2, some relative stranger, who has been over has stolen my family’s baby. The last time, in Pleasant View, Gary Walton came over…(I think they were having a party.) He picked up the baby and walked right out the door and kept going. The baby disappeared from the “family lineup”. A few days later, the baby reappeared by the mailbox…unscathed.

Now, I’ve been playing with the Curious family…Groxyr and Daxyl (the alien children) are almost grown, so I had the men adopt a baby. Little Larkin Melville was doing fine and then, some lady who looks like the gardener came home from work with Lazlow, stayed and stayed and then picked up Larkin and left. I haven’t played since…so I don’t know if I’ll get him back or not.

Did this happen to any of you? I hope it’s just “baby-borrowing” this time.

Wow, I’ve never seen any of that. I have had relatives (and houseguests at a party) spontaneously hold the baby, play with the baby, even take a BATH(!) during the party, but they’ve never taken the baby off the lot.

However, everyone loves those money trees – little thieves, all of them :wink:

If you exited the game without saving, you’re safe. When you start the game up again, the baby should be back.

If you haven’t already, you should go to Maxis site and download the patch. That took care of my babynapping problems.

I’ve never played SIMS before, in any incarnation, but I LOVE the SIMS threads. They’re hysterical. (There was another one where the player couldn’t get anyone to clean up.)Keep 'em coming!!

We downloaded the patch for ours before it ever happened. After I’d seen that in the “bug fixed” section, I wished that I hadn’t patched it. :frowning:

Not too surprising though. You say hello to a person once and they sit on your couch for hours watching television and eating your food. Why not help themselves to a baby while they are at it?

That happened once to me. Ricky Cormier stole Wanda Lumpkin’s kid.

The baby was back when I restarted the game, but before that I had Wanda call up Ricky. Her thought bubbles went like this:

Handcuffs - Fire - Airplane - Bomb - Fire - Bomb - Jail

Had no problem guessing what she was saying to him.

Oh, Harborwolf, that sucks! Have you written an e-mail to Maxis complaining bitterly about your missing child?

The visiting sims are total ingrates, though. Eat your turkey, swim in your pool, monopolize the bathroom, STEAL YOUR GNOMES — jerks.

My first babynapping was by Angela Pleasant. She picked up the youngest Broke child and held him for four hours, then got hungry and went home, still carrying little Brett. I exited without saving and then Brett was back, but Angela was persona non grata in the Broke household after that.

There was another one with the Redheaded Stepchild family, but I deleted that family an don’t remember details.

Ha! I’m so seeing an expansion pack based around this “feature.” Maybe Sims 2: Milk Carton Madness.

holding stomach This is why I love the Sims so much… :smiley:

Forget the babynapping, my Sims steal the garden gnomes! They’ll look at them, look around to see if anybody’s watching, rub their greedy little hands together, and then gnomenap!

Oh, and they’re all over the money tree. And in University now they’ll come over to my dorm just to set off the sprinklers.