The siren song of the bubble wrap.

In the corner of my office, there is suddenly a large pile of bubble wrap.

I know what I am supposed to do with it. I am an adult. I will not be seduced.

And yet . . . my hands are almost convulsively flexing in anticipation . . .

The only pop way to handle pop this is to pop think about somepopthing else entirely pop and get pop your mind pop off of that which pop tempts you pop pop pop.

Obligatory bubble-wrap game link:

It’s even more fun if you put a sheet on the floor and stomp on it. Multiple-popping goodness!

Bubble wrap is eeevil. It knows I will have to pop every bubble or I won’t be able to sleep at night. And you know there’s always one you missed, yep.

Did you folks not know of Virtual Bubble Wrap, a site created by our very own OpalCat?

You are truly evil! :smiley:

I hate the ones that don’t pop because they’re connected to the adjacent bubble, and no matter what you do, you only push the air around back and forth from bubble to bubble and no poppage ensues.

I have to get me some bubble wrap.

I think Sealed Air Corp makes that bubble-wrap with bubbles the size of soup cans that some vendors pack really big things in.
You guys want me to re address the empties to you?

Once I laid a long band of bubble wrap down the hallway and roller-skated on it. You’re never too old for a good plastic-popping frenzy.

I wonder if one could pop bubble wrap whilst having sex atop it?

Has the story of Icarus taught us nothing?

I’ll get back to you on that.

:smiley: That sounds totally awesome!

I once had the opportunity to lay down several sheets of the industrial stuff with the big bubbles and stomp on them. Whee! For Big Loud Noise[sup]tm[/sup], you want to find the stuff that looks like small inflated pillows and jump on them.

Whilst the story of Icarus has taught us nothing?

When I worked next to the shipping and receiving dept. I was in heaven. Somebody makes pink bubble wrap that looks like normal bubble wrap but is twice as loud.

Put it on the floor and roll a chair over it and watch people across the room jump out of their skin.

Day 2.

Bubble wrap still in corner. Still beckons. Note that it is pink. Will not test Mr. Goob’s theory that pink pops better.

Avoid kunilou at all costs. Distillation of pure evil. Will be strong. Must resist.

Perhaps just one small —

Yes. Multiple times.



I once, in the office, gave in to the call of the bubblewrap. For the next 2 years, and bubblewrap that came in the door ended up in the corner of my cubicle.

But it was a very good 2 years.

I am throroughly convinced that bubble wrap is the work of the devil and it will be our undoing.

Beware the messenger that bringeth ye the bubble wrap, for he bringeth ye destruction.

Beware the UPS man!