The slattern, provocateur, saboteur, seductress who tempted a man off the road and into a pole.

What is her just punishment?

Here is the video:

On Youtube:

Well, apart from the fact that you’ve been beaten to the punch with this already having been posted in this very forum, I’m curious as to why you’ve chosen to apportion blame to the driver who was being tailgated?

And an interesting choice of words too. Hmm.


I think the OP is joking.

Joking about what? If the OP wanted to take a different tack on the topic at hand, why couldn’t it have been done in the other thread?

And after having pointed out to the OP that there is indeed another thread already, he/she goes and posts yet another link? Wha’ for?


And it’s the same link from the first thread.

Joking as in being sarcastic in his/her OP. I’m assuming they didn’t see the other thread when this one was posted. But who knows? It’s the only sense I could make out of it though (I don’t know what that second link was about at all).

Since there’s another thread, I’ll close this one. (Yes, ordinarily I’d merge, but since most of the post are about the fact that there’s another thread, that would just be confusing.)