"The Sopranos" Season 5 -- What will happen?

Even though we have taped all four seasons of The Sopranos, I’ve been watching religiously every Sunday night as HBO reruns the first four seasons. I can’t wait for the next season to start.

What do you think will be key ingredients in the next season’s action?

Who do you think will be gone by the end of the season?

What’s going to happen to Tony and Carmela’s marriage?

Will Chris and Adriana get married?

Will Furio come back?

What’s going to happen with AJ and Meadow?

Speculate. It’s not really spoiling anything, is it?


When does season 5 start?

I think the separation of Tony and Carmela is permanent. I think Carmela will openly date/have an affair with some guy or other, and Tony will find out, and there will be Trouble, but the trouble will fizzle before anyone gets killed.

I think Adrianna and Chris will get married, but he will relapse on the wedding night, possibly beat her up, and she will leave him and tell the Feds every single thing she knows. Tony will try to have her killed but she’ll enter Witness Protection and escape. (Hopefully that will work out better for her than other people in W.P. in the past.) Chris will be jailed.

Junior will die.

Anyone have any idea when it is due back on our screens?

(Or has Chris already relapsed? Could you put in some major plot points that were unresolved at the end of Season 4? I’ve seen them all (or I wouldn’t be here) but I can’t recall all the details.)

That’s become so standard for the Sopranos that its really starting to annoy me. I hope in season 5 they will build up to something that actually happens.

Tony would give a Carmella boyfriend some grief but he wouldn’t hurt him.

I don’t think Furio is coming back.

I think Adrianne will get whacked, that’ll be Chris’s big test. Tony will find out and make Chris whack her. He’ll do it too. Then he’ll kill himself. That’s my prediction.

I think the series will end with Tony “retiring” to Florida or something.

My big predictions:

-Adrianna will where lots of leopard print stuff

-Meadow will be a bitch

-Janice will be evil

-Paulie will repeat his jokes

-There will be abundant pronouncing of “whore” as “hoor”

Hmm…Maybe I should’ve used spoiler tags.

You forgot one…

-Tony will nail lots of ridiculously attractive yet seriously messed-up women.

I don’t think we’ll ever hear from Furio again, but I also don’t think they’ll ever say for sure if he really went back to Italy or if Tony did him in.

I think Uncle Junior will die, but not before they let him go downhill quite a bit. I think we’ll find out that a lot of that dementia he was faking around his trial wasn’t all fake.

They’ll probably come up with some bizarre reason to make everything they’ve obtained through Adrianna inadmissable.

The end will probably come as a large-scale bust, taking down everyone who hasn’t already been whacked or busted. I’ll even go out on a limb and say that the rat responsible for the bust will be…Tony himself. The divorce will make him realize how jacked up his life has become. He’ll go along with the feds, seriously downplay his role in the organization, and play up the role of his dying (or dead, by then) Uncle Junior. In exchange, Tony will get a light sentence, and he’ll make plans to start a new, legit life when he get out.

That’s how I’d write it, anyway.

Dr. J

No, Tony wouldn’t, if for no other reason, because the feds wouldn’t cut a deal even if Tony wanted to. The feds know Tony is at the top and everything they do revolves around taking him down.

The best I’ve been able to find, and the info is hard to come by, is March 2004. The three-episodes-in-one-night replay this Sunday Aug/31 is just a special event as best I can tell, The third season rerun goes through September. That would leave 13 weeks for Season Four to run till end of 2003. What HBO will do before the Fifth Season, I can’t find any data on.

The IMDB pages on the series don’t give any advance on the cast for the new season, at least not that I could find.

I figure Johnny Sack will get himself whacked before too many weeks into the season or else Carmine will pass on (one way or the other) and Johnny will move up in the New York family, making trouble for the NJ crews.

I believe AJ will get more involved in at least thug activity, if not actual criminal stuff. He may even follow the arc of Jackie Jr.

Meadow may actually find a way to escape the influence of her father’s business, possibly going into show business or maybe having some massive conversion to religion. If the latter, she and Carmela will have big scenes over that.

I look for at least two, maybe three, new faces in the crew(s) with the Richie/Ralphie appeal (negative).

I know that Steve Buscemi directed at least one episode already, so I would expect to see him in some role in the series, too.

Steve Buscemi will indeed be a regular cast member in Season 5, along with Robert Loggia.

Just wanted to say, high-five to this. There is now no other way to pronounce the word “whore”!