The Special Snowflake Thread

Here we have an omnibus thread for a collection of all things “snowflake”. Party agnostic, team agnostic, bring them all.

Inspired by this episode following the 2016 Rose Bowl.

I do love me some Stanford Band. I’m sure that the outcome of the game had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

So, Iowa got spanked, and mocked, and then their state legislature proposed a bill that would prevent their universities from working with Stanford University until Stanford apologized.

Snowflake says “what”? Idiots.

Anyone else got any snowflake-y goodness to share?

There are just too damn many.

but it is difficult to understand the snowflakes who cry if they hear bad news and need a safe place to go to and need a comfort animal with which to walk around, go to class, etc. What on god’s green earth are they going to do when they need to get a job? How will they handle the REAL WORLD when no one else cares about their “feelings”?

One of them was elected President. Many others are his supporters.

Yeah, they are all the same.

I disagree. Yes, he is a self-centered narcissistic insecure pathological liar but snowflakes are not Republican or Trumpers. Also, they are not Antifa.

(an aside … remember when some people wanted a 3rd party and thought it would be Libertarian or Green? We ended up with the Trump party. Did it evolve from the Tea Party?)

I couldn’t help but notice that this idiocy was proposed by one of the Iowa state Republicans, and publicly opposed by several Democrats, which tells us all we need to know about which party possesses the ability to think. Stanford is among the top research universities in the world; if the Iowa College of Pig Husbandry cuts off collaboration with Stanford over the marching band dispute, who do you suppose has the most to lose?

Trump whines all the time about how people talk negatively about him. He constantly freaks out and and tries to force them to stop. That’s a snowflake.

And his supporters constantly whine when people respond to them when they act the same way they do, or say that Christians or white men are persecuted. The second they aren’t treated with the respect they think they deserve, they freak out completely.

Sure, they call other people snowflakes all the time, but one of their things is projection. They call other people what they themselves are.

Snowflakes come in orange now?

The pigs?

Oxidized yellow snow.

That makes perfect sense, thank you for clearing up my confusion.

“Evolved” isn’t quite the word I’d use.

Exactly so. And they’re such cute little guys, too.

P.S.- I had no idea there was such a thing as “swine science”. Iowa is full of new academic frontiers probably unknown at Stanford! :smiley:

P.P.S.- I have the greatest respect for veterinarians and other people who dedicate themselves to caring for animals. To those of you who can’t take a joke, fuck off.

Stanford is just envious.

Ah, you classify snowflakes as whiners. I thought when alt-right coined the phrase it included safe spaces and comfort animals. This is the first time I have seen it applied to conservatives.

I use the term snowflake to describe conservatives all the time. They’re white, they’re cold, and if you get enough of them in one place they shut down the public schools. Snowflakes.

It’s a stupid buzzword that is intended as a pejorative towards any liberal complaining about… well, anything, from blatant racism to terrible comedy. To the degree that it means anything, the is that their feelings are so sensitive that they can’t handle even the slightest offense. If we have to live with a stupid term, let’s not make it quite so one-sided, eh? Apropos - Trump googled his own name, found mostly negative news (as one might expect from a fucking terrible president), and accused Google of bias against him. That’s pretty fucking snowflakey to me.

Conservatives love to think of themselves as hard-headed realists opposing the wild fantasies of the lefty moonbats. They are “hard-headed” as anything would be if it were full of rocks. Also, lefty is sensitive and vulnerable. You know, like women. (Scratch nuts, belch, open a beer…)

Good idea! Piss off the soft guys with the wobbly bits. Now, there’s a plan!

Mr. Cantwell.