the spiral

says the taken girl to me: why don’t you have a girlfriend?
me: i’m not happy enough to get a girl

says the taken girl to me: why are you unhappy?
me: because i have no girl

says the taken girl to me: do you know how fucked up that is?
me: yep

singlehood sux, don’t it?

Reminds me of playing The Sims: The people are too depressed to get a job, but the reason they are depressed is (at least indirectly) because they don’t have a job.

Or how about this one: Can’t get a car because you don’t have a job, but can’t get the job you want because you don’t have a car. It’s a viscious circle.

Hey, it could be worse… the “spiral” (I like that designation for this process, by the way… may I use it at some point in the future?) could go this way…

Girl: Why don’t you have a girlfriend?
Me: Circumstances beyond my comprehension or control.
Girl: What circumstances?
Me: Ones that prevent me from getting a girlfriend.
Girl: Are you deliberately being vague?
Me: Probably.

Speedy - very aptly put, my friend.

SPOOFE - like it, like it. :smiley:

Then there’s the Reverse Spiral:

Girl: Why can’t I get a boyfriend who’s nice? All the guys I date are stupid arseholes who treat me badly and I hate them, but you’re kind. You’re smart. I like you.

Me: Would you like to go out with me?

Girl: No, you’re not my type.

I so dizzy now :stuck_out_tongue:

SPOOFE: You are more than welcome to the usage of “spiral” for this or any other purpose as you see fit. However, your dialogue is tailor made to rejection. Women who don’t know you hate a smart ass. I know, the world sucks ass.

b_y_k: The reverse spiral sucks almost as much. The difference lies in the origin of the mental defect. Much easier to accept someone else’s defect.

Palmyra: Yes.

Actually, a near-exact replica of my above post has occurred with five of my closest female friends. Go figure, eh?