"The Spirit of Diana"...PPV Seance?


Yep, just when you thought you’d seen every low-rent, explotative, Velvet Elvis piece of dreck…


Frankly, I’m not one of those who was ready to canonize the Princess after her admittedly tragic death, but are people really still carrying an emotional attachment? With all the fucking tragedies that happen right under our noses everyday?

I can’t imagine this is going to be a huge ratings success, but it probably cost nothing to produce either. All bow down and offer a prayer to the Almighty Margin, which serves as profit center, target audience and legal residence for these tasteless, classless snot-licking, bone-picking vultures.

What do you do for an encore, open the fucking tomb and fuck her skull?

So anyone wanna bet whether The Biggest Douche in the Universe (John Edward) has a piece of this deadsploitation flick?


I just saw the commercial for this about half an hour ago and was going to start a rant, but you beat me to it. My first thought was how tacky the whole thing is. Whoever is conducting the whole farce probably couldn’t care less about Diana, it’s a ratings/money making gimmick. It’s almost worse than John Edward.

Are you kidding?? There’s plenty of people who are fucking stupid enough to shell out perfectly good money to see crap like this. Sadly, it probably will have pretty good ratings.

I am torn between abject revulsion at the crass commercialization of a persons death, and anger at not having thought of it first and reaping all that idiot money.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if her brother had a stake in this.

Holy fucking shit. Paging Mr. Randi, Mr. James Randi.

Let’s not mention skull-fucking again. Don’t want to give anyone ideas.

Just had to jump in and say that [Booming Voice] the PPV Seance [/BV] would make a great name for an SUV.

It’ll probably be the easiest $14.95 per sucker they’ll ever make this year.

We’ve alread done and dusted this one.

The mediums are wasting their time, we already know what Diane is going to say and it didn’t cost a penny!

No shit?

Well, I’m convinced.

That would be Fox, not ABC . . .

Actually Dodi was a front for her real ‘true love’, Pakistani surgeon Hasnat Khan. If any psychic mentions her loving Dodi, it probably means they just didn’t do enough research beforehand… no wait sorry I meant the spirits are being unclear… they’re saying a man… one from the Mid East…

This bothers me for the same reason I’m bothered by the people who make a celebration about the anniversary of Elvis’ death: it’s an insult to the person’s memory.

Until now, I’d thought that Diana’s memory was being preserved in a tasteful manner. I do recall that, one year after her death, ABC (I think) broadcast a special. A lot of people shared anecdotes I hadn’t heard, portraying her as a kind, caring, generous person. That was a lovely gesture, not least because it was a one-off; it didn’t become an annual event. Conversely, those Elvis fans who trek to Graceland every year to basically party are, IMHO, sick. It’s like they’re glad he died, and they’re celebrating his death as a high point. If you want to honor him, get together on his birthday, not his death day.

This “seance” is also a sick idea. Lord only knows what will be said, supposedly on her behalf, to be forever associated with her memory by people who take everything they see on TV at face value. And I can’t imagine that her brother has anything to do with it! Why do you say that, TwistofFate? He was the one who devoted much of his eulogy to lambasting the press for having hounded her so mercilessly.

Fortunately, Rilchaim, people who take everything they see on tv at face value will be likely to not write the history books. So peace be unto you!:smiley:

(Although I do agree that this is completely asinine and tasteless as all get out.)

When I read this, I just had to post. While trying to think of something, all that kept flashing through my mind were the 5 W’s.

That pretty much sums of my feelings…

What the fuck?
Where (not so much this one)
Who the hell?
When (has been answered)
Why on earth (would you pay for it)

Well, I guess it was just 3 of the W’s but you get the idea.

Where is Harry Houdini when we really need him?

Dead. Hey! That gives me an idea!

Any stupid fuck that pays for that special deserves to get fleeced. I bet the list of subscibers will be marketing gold to whoever holds it.

Damn me, but that I didn’t think of this first!

All those moronic royalty worshipping twits, all sobby and yet so willing to shill out a buck for a false glimmer of their dead goddess.

Heeeeyyyy, isn’t that the image of Princess Di emerging from the mold on my shower curtain? Admittance to my bathroom to pay homage now only $39.95! No cleaning products allowed, pictures only $20 extra!

Hmmm give me a cut, and I’ll arrange for the tour bus.