The Steinhardts Bake Hamantaschen Again!!

As many of you (especially the old-timers here) know, it’s an annual tradition in my family to bake hamantaschen. It’s also become an annual tradition for me to post a link to the pictures here. I’ve been doing so every year since 2002, making this the 13th year in a row.

This year’s pictures can be found here:

Hamantaschen Baking 2014
To see all the pics since 2002 (and to watch the kids grow up baking hamantaschen), you can click the link below:

Hamantaschen baking 2002-2014

Zev Steinhardt

Adorable. I, however, have the two greatest words ever put together just for you: nutella hamantaschen!

And we reach another milestone of Doper time. They’re not kids anymore, are they?



Nope. :slight_smile:

They’re now 20, 18 and 17. In the first set of pics, they’re 8, 7 and 5.

Zev Steinhardt

Sounds good.

This year we tried something different – chocolate and marshmallow.

Zev Steinhardt

Really, on 3/14, pi would have been more appropriate.
Or at least make the hamantaschen round :slight_smile:

I look forward to this thread every year.

Except that they were made on Sunday. I just got around to posting it today.

Zev Steinhardt

I haven’t made hamantaschen since I lived in Michigan. I worked as a baker in a deli and got the recipe from the owner’s mother. Used poppyseed filling and date filling.

I saw you post in another thread in the last couple of days, and wondered whether we’d get a hamantaschen thread again!

Tell your boys they need to shave before photos next time. :smiley:

I’m making mine the 15th (today by the clock, tomorrow subjectively). A double batch of dough, and the fillings are going to be apple, raspberry, Nutella, and s’mores.

Do you have any favorite dough recipes? I haven’t made them in ages, and there are probably recipes around the house (and certainly on the Web), but one can never have too many.

You are a beautiful bunch of bakers!

Right? They’re so GROWN.
Looks like a ton of fun was had, as usual, and what a great tradition to keep bringing your family to have fun baking. I look forward to what this looks like in a decade.

Zev, post your hamantaschen recipe. I’ve never made them and I’d like to try it.

Priceless photo series!

Really, that recipe could spread across the Dope. Maybe other poster would take pictures of their own families and post them. They could wait for zev to start each year’s thread, then add to it.

Please, please post the recipe?

Zev’s recipe here, from 2009.

YOU try telling kids that age that they need to shave. :smiley:

Zev Steinhardt

In another decade, there could very well be little kids in the picture again. :slight_smile:

(No, nothing is happening yet… but 10 years is a long time…)

Zev Steinhardt

That’s easy, tell them you don’t want them to shave. :wink: