The story of stolen laptops and strange priorities

My Thinkpad broke recently. Well, at first, the USB 2.0 ports began thinking they were USB 1.0 ports, making my USB utilities a bit less useful. Then the wireless starting going out at random intervals. “Still usable,” I thought, until the display started blacking whenever I moved it from any position not parallel to the ground. “Better send it in to get fixed,” I figured.

So when I parked my car before work, I figured I’d just leave the laptop in the car. First time I’ve done that, naive little college student I am.

I came back around 7 to move my car back to the university parking lot (free parking after 6). Unlocked the door, stepped in. “Hmm. I don’t remember my stereo dangling by wires,” I thought. I didn’t quite remember my laptop bag being made of invisible material, either. Bugger. Suppose someone jacked it.

So I’m out a $1500 piece of equipment, and yet, I feel a total lack of concern. Jeez, what kind of Computer Science major doesn’t care about his computer? But wait…

They took my Rival Schools CD! Damn them. Now the rage is coming on.

C’mon, that CD was a gift from the guy at Record Village; you know how hard it is to find a Rival Schools / Reeve Oliver / Beautiful Mistake CD in Pennsylvania? Anger anger anger anger. I bet you don’t even like that kind of music; probably will end up collecting dust at another CD warehouse somewhere. Grr… I haven’t even ripped the music to my desktop yet.

Somewhere my laptop is feeling unloved, wondering why a $4 used CD gets higher precedence that a multimedia power machine.

The bit I really like is that they’ve stolen a laptop that is totally fecked. Karma’s a bitch aint it :smiley: