The SuEPs of the MMP

Howdy Y’all. Irk and Moanday have been survived. YAY! In a little while I shall head over to the church house to begin prep for men’s night. Other than that nothin’ newsworthy to report.

{{{MOOOOOOM and Sari}}} so sorry for the lost of your uncle and aunt respectively. May they RIP. I have two survivin’ uncles (one on each side) and no survivin’ aunts.

MOOOMMMM and SARI My condolences on the loss of your uncle and aunt.

swampy, you got me to thinking - I’ve only got one uncle still alive - my mother’s only living brother. Mom and Uncle Bob are the last of that generation. We’re next… :eek: Sobering thought. My husband still has 6 aunts and 1 uncle living, as well as his parents, ranging in age from early 70s to early 90s.


I’m not going to be able to go to Uncle Mike’s funeral unless it’s on Saturday. I wish I could be there for my cousin, but I’m still too new in this job and it’ll be in Baltimore, so it’d be an all-day commitment on my part. At least I can send flowers or something.

big {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}} to everyone

Bulldog Woot! Congrats on sticking with it. You’ll get there.

ButttesClydesdales! I am jealous. I have seen them, but it’s been years. One of my interests is horses, and I think preservation of the older breeds is an awesome thing. :slight_smile:

{{{Moooom and Sari}}} Condolences on your losses.
On to the topic of the week: I try to read the last bits of the Sunday thread. Heck, I’m often still awake and debating whether to go ahead and start the new thread. I don’t always get to it though. Now I feel vaguely guilty about all of those orphan posts…
Easter was interesting. After much angst over why we weren’t leaving yet (not from me, I was driving), we got underway. 2 hour drive, and we’re at my sister’s house. Around 2:30ish. I think the general expectation was a meal at 3 or so. I think my BiL started cooking when we got there, so we ate 6:30 or so. Lots of food. A good meal.

My dad pulled me and my sister aside to tell us that he has moderate kidney failure. He’s an unrepentant Type 2 diabetic. So we had a long talk about more exercise, losing weight, stopping the disease. He was very on board with all of it. I felt cautiously optimistic. Then as we’re leaving he insisted on taking the entire cake with him. 1) So rude, makes me nuts, and 2) This is why he is diabetic. I stewed about it all night. Not sure what I’ll end up doing. The exercise plan and diet stuff is all supposed to come from me, but I’m not sure it will make any difference at all. I think it will just feel like banging my head against a wall.

Quiet Monday here. Happy week everyone!

Just saw this. I wore earplugs! My DH got me some that musicians use. You can hear people talking but the shrieking kids are bearable. (Eh - they’re kids, let them run amuck on Easter. It’s nice to see them have fun.)

OK, that’s enough dying for one week!

I’m trying to avoid death myself, but my heart isn’t being a fully willing participant. The results of the two-week monitor should be in any day now, so on Friday, I’m off to the cardiologist to put all the puzzle pieces together and see what’s up. Probably a referral to a cardiac electrician for more sophisticated (and invasive) tests to see what’s misfiring.

On the DH front, we’re off to the big city on Wednesday to start treatment with the new drug. We’re into research and development level stuff here, but a journal article published 11 days ago shows promising results.

Blinatumomab! Accept no substitutes! Ask for it by name!

**Sunny **- the youngest at my family gathering was 25. Nope, no kids, just LOUD, somewhat inebriated, so-called adults. Not to name names, but one of my sisters is especially, um, vocal… **BBBobbio **has met her. :smiley:

Supper tonight is the last of the leftover lasagne. I just don’t feel like cooking.

They are treating him with a dead Egyptian Pharaoh? :cool::stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, best hopes that it works as promised. You stay healthy too.

DM showed up, so work went into extra innings. But that’s either extra OT, or early days off, so there’s that.

I have CDO. Heck, even my junk drawer is organized. :smiley:


MetalMouse, with all of the government (especially USSS) scandals of consorting with Doggio’s favorite type of women - those of [del]questionable[/del] no repute, it really sounds like a movie title, especially if Christi writes the “dot” as a little smiley face on the second i. :dubious:


Pimp: Body of Christi
John: Amen!



I’ll join you in that. Being an Uncle Mike and having had a terrific Uncle Mike, I’ll raise a toast to the brotherhood we all shared.


My condolences to Mooooom, and sari.

Howdy Y’all! Home from men’s night over to the church house. We had a bigger than usual crowd so da bear scrambled to find some extra steak knives. I suggested we dispense of a few bucks and buy some more steak knives bein’ as things have a tendency to disappear over time. A good time was had by all.

gotti appropriate/inappropriate appendages crossed for DH and you.

I shall now go scope out a couple things on teh intartoobz and then it’s nite nite time. I’s tahrd and OYKW has already flopped down on the bed.

Nitey Nite Y’all!

Rosie’s sig, first of all.

Still no job offer, but this being the gubmint and all, paperirk has to be filled out in triplicate, lost, found, lost again, and finally filed away in a dusty room somewhere, never to see the light of day again. So I guess I’m just waiting for the paperirk to be finished.

I’m working on a scarf with size-50 needles, which are about an inch in diameter. I’m using four strands of yarn together, so each stitch is about an inch wide. This is not an easy undertaking just in sheer size. My next project is a throw that I’m including in a gift basket to be raffled off. It’ll be loads of fun to make. :smiley:


{{{{{Mooooooom and Sari}}}}}


The funeral is Saturday and not so far from here, 86 miles. From the map it looks like I’ll be cutting through WV and into VA. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought I would have to head down towards DC and take 495.

It’s friggin’ cold outside tonight.

I’m tired and just about ready for bed.

The insurance company withdrew their approval, so now the doc has to file an appeal. No idea how long that will take.

That sux Gotti

Happy Toosday.

I’m up too early, but since I had an email from irk offering a bonus if I logged it, I decided to stay up and irk.

It’s cold and dark outside, supposed to warm up to 61.

Nothing special going on today. Same old same old. Still chipping away at my list - but I think I need some sharper tools.

**gotti **- fingers crossed for you! As far as I’m concerned, insurance companies have too much power that they abuse.

In Florida, they got a law passed that if there’s a hurricane touching any part of the state and you file a homeowner claim, even if you’re nowhere near the storm, you have to pay the hurricane deductible, which is something like 2% of the home’s insured value. So if you have a kitchen fire that damages appliances and cabinets in Pensacola and Hurricane Ralph is just arriving in Miami, you’ll be paying a huge deductible. At least, that’s how it was before we left - dunno what it is now. But I think other states followed suit.

On the other hand, part of the problem comes from people like my BIL. He’d file claims for every teensy little thing that happened to his car till his insurance company dropped his coverage. And let’s not forget frivolous lawsuits… Oh, never mind. Forget it. Too heavy a topic for this early.

I started to pack my lunch then remembered that today is the company-wide meeting. **FCD **will come to my office and we’ll drive there together. They provide box lunches for everyone and discuss the state of the company. I’ll be introduced among the newbies, so I showered and everything this morning. :smiley: I’m even wearing my company polo shirt! How’s that for sucking up!

Just finished ingesting a PB&J. I’ll caffeinate a bit more, then head off to the list of parts I need to draw up today. WOOHOO!!

Happy Tuesday!