Doctor, it hurts when I do this in the MMP!

Happy Sunday!

Happy Easter!

It’s a sunny 52 degrees outside A bit blurfy inside.

I’m not going to the armpit today. Sah-son has a lot of school work due today, and I found out (which I suspected all along) that the HFH will be there.

My aunt and uncle aren’t coming. My aunt had to have emergency surgery yesterday and is still in a bad way, her kidneys shut down. She was always one of my favorite aunts until she stopped talking to me - I have no idea why. However, when I saw her at Christmas we got along great, so I’m glad we had a chance to talk and have fun together.

I’m going to try to get some stuff done today. Keep chipping away at my list of things to do.


Have a happy holiday to those who celebrate.

EmilyG, I hope you get better. Being sick is no fun.

I count eight words in that sentence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you putting air holes in her crate?

Easter dinner with Wife, Son, The Girlfriend, The Girl friend’s Mom, and my Mother who has dementia. This could get*** interesting…***

{{{{{Midget}}}}} The sun will come out Tomorrow (unless it’s cloudly…)

Sari, sorry to hear your news. Kidneys shutting down are never a good thing.

Well, taxes done and submitted on-line for both Federal and State (Turbo Tax). I owe a bunch due to converting a large amount of my Mutual funds to case for a Anunity, but tis’ best done now, especially before retirement and on a three-paycheck month (I get paid every other Thursday).

Went out to eat, but the place I wanted to go was closed for Easter and most of the other spots were packed, so I ended up at Jack’s for burgers and fries. In penance I will have a salad bowl for dinner tonight.

As an old farm kid, my read is ---- you usually slaughter, smoke and/or salt cure in the fall and make the provisions last through the winter. Come spring, you know how your animals fared and what you can look forward to for the coming season. Or at least you hope you can; you still have spring planting to look forward to and sizing up the winter crops if you have any. So basically, you look for a chance or excuse to (pardon the expression) pig out. That big ham and all those goodies you had saved for just the right time find their time.

I’m doing ham and cabbage. The wife has her cabbages and I have my foot stomping.

And for those who so believe:


And for everyone else, happy day before Monday and a fresh MMP

Hugs your way, dear heart.

Howdy Y’all! Easter service and the Baptism were great this mornin’. Miss Grace was none too pleased with water bein’ poured on her haid and let us all know of her displeasure. :smiley: We had a nice Easter N.O.L. which was just right, as in, only some ham leftover. A good time was had by all. They all left after an appropriate time followin’ the ingestion of comestibles. Dish washer is cleanin’ dishes. Da bear is chillin’. OYKW is upon the bed to “rest.” I’m just waitin’ for the saw mill to start up.

Hope everyone has had a good day.

{{{Midget}}} hope you feel better soonest.

Easter ham and veggies have been consumed. It is now nap time

Home to the blessed peace and quiet. When my fambly gets together, things get *LOUD! *Not arguing loud, just *LOUD! *It was nice to see them all (only nephew-in-law was missing because it was his mother’s b-day) and it was nicer still when we all left. I’s still stuffded, so no need for supper. And we came home with 2 seated bunnies, a bunny driving a car, and a bear - all chocolate. Plus a hunk of Mom’s triple chocolate cake.

In a little while, I’ll pack lunch for tomorrow, but for now, I just wanna chill in silence.

Ham and cabbage has been consumed with plenty of leftovers for the coming week. Now just enjoying some River Monsters on Animal Planet.

Forgot to mention that, thankfully, we were headed south instead of north on I-95 around Baltimore. Those poor folks northbound were stuck in at least 7 miles of creeping along - I have no idea how far it extended north of exit 74. Southbound wasn’t bad at all, and having EZPass got us thru the toll plaza really fast.

The rain started as we were fairly close to home - hope we get some nice showers overnight.

Home from the egg hunt. Good food, good company and cute kids.


We had Dominoes for dinner. I wasn’t sure if they’d be open.

He still has a History paper to write and two discussion board entries to post. I’m logged in to irk, but only because they sent an email saying they were short. I’ve had one call in over an hour.

Thank you MetalMouse, I hear she is on dialysis, but my uncle thinks she isn’t coming home.
I’m more worried about him. He’s one of my favorite uncles, one of the crazy ones.

One time (years ago) when he was speeding, he saw the flashing lights behind him so he punched it and took off. The lights were still behind him so he sped up even more, flashing lights still right behind him.
Finally he pulls over and before the cop can say a word he jumps out and asks him what kind of engines were they using in cop cars, he didn’t think the cop car could keep up. The cop popped the hood, my uncle popped his hood, and they ended up talking engines.
No, he didn’t get a ticket.
He and another uncle, they are the kind who can get away with that shit. The rest of us would get shot or locked up.

I seriously doubt that Jesus spoke English. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made it through work ,and got to the hockey game. Ran into a lot of old frinds at the arena, and on the way home.:slight_smile:


He spoke the same thing Juan, José, and Carlos spoke. ;):D:p

Easter drive-by!! :waves:

Rio! : tacklehug :

And that ain’t English. :slight_smile:

Hey, gang, come on over to the current MMP. Won’t hurt, I promise. :slight_smile: