The sweet, sweet dreams thread…

Illness makes for wonderful narcotic-induced dreams.
So far, I’ve waltzed with Danny Devito, had a party with the Friends, played with and rescued many cute kittens, and have saved a small ghost child from being tormented by an angry adult ghost that kept locking it in my bedroom closet to scare it.

So, how are you sleeping? :smiley:

(p.s. Danny dances divinely. :wink: )

I had tons of hormone-induced “lovely fuzzy happy” dreams when I was pregnant, including about 100 lucid dreams. I flew Superman style in every single one of them. :smiley: :slight_smile: :cool: My favorite one was the lucid dream where I was in a county-sized mansion and got to pet a unicorn that was being groomed in one of the luxurious hallways. Then I flew away!!!

In my nicest dream ever, I tumble down a hill and land in the middle of a field of waist-high dandelions, full of cotton-fluffy sheep, and spend the rest of my life there living on sheep’s milk, and laying my head on them to sleep.

Back when Jaromir Jagr was a Pittsburgh Penguin I dreamed that we kissed.

Best part about it was I remembered the dream when I woke up and was able to dwell and persue my fantasicle (is that a word - if not it should be)) desires that morning.

"Sweet dreams were made of these. Who am I to disagree…"

Gooooooooooooooooood Morrrrnnnnnnnnnning SDMB! :stuck_out_tongue:

For last night’s nocturnal mind theater, I was supposed to try on a pair of thick leggings that looked like football pants, but they were so huge and thick they came with a 6’5" muscle-man to carry them around for me by the built in handle bars. :dubious:
Then it turned into me trying to buy some cd’s from these thugs, but all the thugs were asleep and I was scared to wake them.
I was sneaking around their lair where probably about 10-15 were just laid out all over the place, snoring away, clutching machine guns like teddy bears. Kind of like sneaking through a lion’s den.
I found what I was looking for, grabbed two cd’s, left the cash on the table and ran.

Didn’t know I liked music that much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh dreams, I gotta stop sleeping at random hours in front of the TV, but for the latest episode…

I found a secret door in my closet that I had never noticed before. I opened it and walked in and followed it all the way to Norad. Suddenly I got attacked from behind and started to fight. Then I realized it was Teal’c from Stargate. We recognized each other, and he told me that the base had been over taken over and we had to fight to get it back. So we fought and killed a bunch of stormtroopers(I guess my brain got lazy there) and retook the base eventually. Then me and the SG1 team went out to dinner for Thai food, and I had sex with Major Carter in the parking lot (woohooo!). I found another secret door in an alley and went in. We split up and me an O’neil found this big secret door with a huge digital lock. I open it by guessing the 12 digit code, and got it right the second time(lazy brain again). It looked like an accountants office, and there were shelves with lots of neat stuff, and lots of random money from all times and countries. While I was stuffing my pockets I got attacked from behind by flying Mongolian(Genghis Khan style dress) Zombies, and woke up.

This was more of a waking dream, but Joy Division played a concert in my bedroom. They played a song and the audience yelled for an encore, so they played another song. All in all, they played three songs, while I lay there listening and wondering how they and their audience got into my bedroom. Then I guess I fell asleep again, or maybe they just went on to their next gig.

I “hear” a lot of music when I’m neither fully awake nor fully asleep, but this beats all.

I told my husband about this thread and he shared his dream from last night with me.

He was playing pool at his favorite pool hall, Snookers, and had to use the restroom.
While he was in the restroom, people from the Olympics came in and started setting up some some equipment around the hall.
Upon his return, he found a couple of the Olympians playing pool on his table.
“Hey, I was renting that table”, he informs them.
“Oh! Sorry, we thought they were open!” they respond and clear off of it for him.
He then begins to play when Gene Simmons (sans face paint) walks in and asks him to play a game. My husband tells him what a big fan he is and how he loves their music, and they discuss the concert that he went to while living in Little Rock.

I asked him if Gene kicked his ass at pool, but he claims not. :wink: