Pregnancy dreams.

I’m four weeks pregnant, and since day one I’ve had intensely complicated dreams. Last night, “pregnancy dream time” officially began: I dreamed I was asleep and dreaming, and then I woke up and was telling one of my (totally fictitious, in dream only) roommates about my dream, which featured my (total stranger) roommates. And the original “dream” I was telling these strange people about was really outlandish and in psychedelic-esque color.

When I was pregnant with my now-13-year-old, my dreams were always almost scarily complex, vivid, often lucid, and often featured weird extras like - dreaming I had a dream that I remembered and recounted in another dream, which I thought was real - Now it’s beginning again. Is this a well-documented experience of pregnancy, or is it just me?? I guess I always assumed that it was universal, and upon Googling the subject, it certainly seems common.

IIRC, It’s sure fun, though. Last time, it was 9 months chock full of entertainment at night.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’ve never been pregnant (but we’re trying), so I don’t have experience with this in pregnancy, but it’s definitely happened to me before a big event.

Before I got married, I was having wedding dreams, one of which included a sniper with a machine gun showing up at my reception and it turned out to be a co-worker. Weird. Mine were never as complex as yours are. You must be exhausted when you wake up!


When I was nearing my second trimester, I started having wildly vivid and interactive sex dreams. Like none I’d ever had before. Featuring celebrities, co-workers, the younger brothers of my friends, an old boss, the stranger in Starbucks who laughed at my joke. It was beyond anything I’d imagined when I’d heard about the 2nd trimester horniness. And those dreams were complete with climax.

My husband, on the other hand, had horrible dreams about disfigured fetuses, babies born without a specific gender, horrible birthing situations, etc. There must have been some underlaying guilt to cause those dreams.

Congratulations to you and your husband
Well, I’ve have one dream where I was pregnant. It gave me a rather bad shock because the baby was writhing around in my belly and it felt so real. So, when I woke up, I was writhing around on my bed, clutching my stomach. It was really disturbing for me. I made the mistake of telling my friends that dream and they asked me, “So…who’s the father?” :rolleyes: